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Glenwood City/Boyceville School Lunches – 2-11-2015

Glenwood City/Boyceville School Lunches – 2-11-2015


Mon., Feb. 16: Mini corn dogs or BBQ pork sandwich, sweet potato puffs, fresh green beans, chilled pear slices, red grapes

Tues., Feb. 17: Homemade lasagna with garlic breadstick or grilled chicken patty on bun, tossed side salad, cucumber slices/lite dip, mandarin oranges, cantaloupe slice

Wed., Feb. 18: Pizza calzone or ham/turkey submarine, sesame broccoli salad, carrot sticks/lite dip, pineapple chunks, red apple

Thurs., Feb. 19: Hamburger gravy or salisbury steak, mashed potatoes roll, baked squash, cauliflower florets/lite dip, chilled peach slices, ice cream bar

Fri., Feb. 20: Baked chicken nuggets or baked fish shapes, baked beans, seasoned potato wedges, baby carrots/lite dip, petite banana


Mon., Feb. 16: Hot dog with bun or sweet Sloppy Joes on bun, baked seasoned tator tots, baked beans, cherry tomatoes/lite dip, pineapple chunks, red grapes.

Tues., Feb. 17: Spaghetti with meat sauce with breadstick or Italian flatbread, romaine spinach salad, baby carrots/hummus, chilled peach slices, orange wedges.

Wed., Feb. 18: BBQ pork sandwich or French toast sticks with low-fat turkey sausage, hash brown triangle, celery sticks/lite dip, apple slices, cantaloupe slice.

Thurs., Feb. 19: Meatballs or chicken chow mein/noodles (high school only), rice pilaf, garlic broccoli, carrot sticks/lite dip, cherry crisp, apricot halves.

Fri., Feb. 20: Cheese French bread, vegetable rice soup with WG cracker, sweet potato sticks/lite dip, petite banana, strawberries.

Menus are subject to change. Milk choice daily.