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Toppers drop to 2-6 in Dunn-St. Croix after loss to Mondovi

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Toppers faced off against the Mondovi Buffaloes on Thursday night and lost to the number three team in the conference 55-46.

The loss put the Toppers at 2-6 overall and Mondovi jumped to 6-2, which is a tie along side the Plum City/Elmwood co-op.

The Toppers trailed in the first quarter 13-8 with two baskets from Todd Petersen, one from Bill Norenberg and then two free throws from Kip Wallace to put them on the board.

They made six shots in the second quarter for a total of 14 points against Mondovi’s 15 for a 28-22 score going into the half.

Kadinger drove in two shots and then drained a three for seven of their 14 points. Wallace hit a three as well and Petersen and Jake Hierlmeier each had a double.

Out of the half the Toppers came out swinging as they were not going down without a fight. They put the score within in three points when the third quarter ended at 40-37.

They posted 15 points to Mondovi’s 12 with two doubles and four out of four free throws made by Kadinger. Petersen pushed in two doubles as well and Hierlmeier dropped in his first three of the night.

The fourth quarter was a near shut out around the hoop for the Toppers however. They scored two, two-point baskets and then had one triple and two free throws for nine points compared to the Buffaloes’ 15.

They were heavy with fouls, which put Mondovi on the line 17 times with nine of their shots made along with three doubles for the win.

Kadinger led the game in points scored with 17 from his four doubles, one triple and he finished six for six with free throws.

Petersen followed with 15 from his six doubles and one triple. Hierlmeier had two doubles and one triple. Wallace had the one triple and two free throws and Norenberg had his one basket.

The Toppers were back on the court Tuesday (Feb. 3) for a home game against the PC/EL Wolves. They will then head to St. Croix Central on Friday, February 6 and will return home Monday, February 9 to play Spring Valley.