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Bulldogs boast highest scoring game of the season with 63-30 win over Cornell

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE — The Bulldogs had one game this past week, which was on Thursday night at home against the Cornell Chiefs.

The Chiefs are in the Lakeland-East Conference with a five game losing streak on their record after the Bulldogs beat them 63-30.

This was the Bulldogs’ highest scoring game of the year thus far. They looked sharp on the court from the get go.

The boys were following the ball movement with precision that accounted for numerous turnovers by the Chiefs, which led the Bulldogs to score.

The game started with the Bulldogs up 19-8 with 12 points alone scored between Brady Schutts and Jake McIntyre. Mitch Leach scored two doubles, Justin Schulz had one and Hunter Anderson drained their first free throw.

By the half the Bulldogs had a commanding lead of 35-15 after they scored 16 points to the Chiefs’ seven.

They were spinning their way past the defenders and taking jump shot after jump shot for points in the second. Tyler Draeger scored two doubles and so did Leach. Schutts, Brett Boda and McIntyre each had one and Schulz dropped in two free throws.

The Bulldogs picked up right where they left in the second half of the game, which made for a blow out in the third quarter.

They started with the ball in their possession first in the third quarter. McIntyre fouled and scored both his shots. Anderson then stole the ball and made a lay up. Boda answered back with a double of his own and McIntyre followed that up with a steal and a layup; all of this happened in the first minute of play.

The Bulldogs led 41-15 by this time.

Five minutes was off the clock before the Chiefs scored their first basket in the second half. They finished with just four points to the Bulldogs’ 16.

In the fourth quarter, Draeger was all over the court with an unleashed amount of energy. He drove the ball to the hoop time after time and made two shots for the team. McIntyre also put two in for eight of the team’s 12 points in the final minutes.

Hellmann started the quarter off strong with a double. Then after a foul, the ball was inbounded to Buddy Hanestad and he caught the pass, brought the ball up and in to the hoop for two points of his own.

As a team the Bulldogs finished with 28 two point shots compared to the Chiefs’ nine. They had no three pointers, but they earned the rest of their points by seven free throws.

McIntyre led in points with 16 from his seven doubles and two free throws. Schutts followed with six doubles for 12.

Draeger had four doubles and one free throw for nine. Leach had four doubles for eight. Hellmann had two doubles and one free throw for five. Boda had two doubles and Schulz had one double and two free throws for four each.

Anderson had his one double and one free throw and then Hanestad made his one basket.

The Bulldogs were back on the court Tuesday (Feb. 3) for a game in Colfax. They will then be home Friday (Feb. 6) to host Elk Mound and Monday to host Luck.