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Bulldog boys finish 2-1 against Panthers, Cardinals and Orioles

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville boys basketball team started their week of play with a game at home against St. Croix Central last Tuesday.

They were back home Friday night to host Spring Valley and then Saturday they played a non-conference game against Stanley-Boyd.

Central gets the win

The loss Tuesday night dropped the Bulldogs to 1-6 in the conference and bumped the Panthers to 4-3.

The Bulldogs trailed by four points at the start of that game with the score at 12-8 with Jake McIntyre and Mitch Leach each scoring two baskets for their team.

The second quarter was a wash with both teams posting six points, which kept the score difference at four.

Hunter Anderson scored his first bucket of the game and then Leach and McIntyre each knocked one in again before the half.

Out of the break, the scoreboard read 18-14 with the Panthers up. The four point deficit changed to an 11 point difference after they only scored another six points in the third and allowed the Panthers to post 13.

The first foul shots from the Bulldogs were taken in those eight minutes with Anderson, McIntyre and Tyler Draeger on the line.

Draeger scored both of his attempts and then Anderson drained a two and so did Justin Schulz for the Bulldogs’ first points of the second half.

By this time the Bulldogs trailed 31-20. They scored four points in the opening of the fourth quarter, but for nearly five minutes they went without a basket.

The clock had less than two minutes on it when they turned up the heat and scored a three from Anderson and a double from Brady Schutts and Leach.

They scored 11 final points to the Panthers 14, which put the final score at 45-31.

There were plenty of fouls called against the Bulldogs this game. They put the Panthers on the line for 22 attempts, which they were successful with 14.

As for the Bulldogs themselves, they had eight attempts and just two baskets were made.

Leach led in points with ten from his five doubles. McIntyre followed with eight from four doubles. Anderson finished with seven from two doubles and one triple. And Schutts, Schulz and Draeger each finished with two points.

Victory at home

The Bulldogs had redemption on their mind Friday night. They had just lost to the Panthers and earlier in the year the Cardinals beat them 56-45 so it was their turn.

They were down by seven at the half, but a solid second half performance led them a three point victory of 38-35.

The Bulldogs trailed 13-6 after the first quarter with two shots from McIntyre scored and one from Schutts to put the team on the board.

Leach drove three shots to the hoop in the second quarter for six of their eight points scored. Schutts was consistent with another basket scored as well.

By the half, the Bulldogs were trailing 21-14 with four free throws missed. The Cardinals had knocked in a three pointer in the first to help push them ahead, but they were shooting poorly from the foul line as well.

The third quarter was the game changer. The Cardinals apparently didn’t leave the locker room as they scored just four points from two free throws and a double.

The Bulldogs went off with almost each player getting a feel for the ball. McIntyre knocked in a double and then drained a three. Leach had a double and a free throw and then Schutts and Anderson both had one double.

That was enough to give the Bulldogs their first quarter lead of the game as the scoreboard read 26-25 going into the fourth.

It was a bit of a nail biter for the fans, but the Bulldogs managed to keep their composure and drive shots to the hoop for the three point win.

Boda and Anderson put up two doubles each and McIntyre and Schutts banked one off the glass.

For the Bulldogs, it was McIntyre who led in points with 11. He had four doubles and one triple. Leach followed with nine from four doubles and one free throw.

Then it was Schutts with eight from four doubles. Anderson had three doubles and Boda had two.

Orioles fly home with a loss

On Saturday, the Bulldogs started strong with 13 points scored in the first quarter against Stanley-Boyd’s nine. That was the last quarter lead the boys would hold until the very end.

The Bulldogs fell off the grid in the second quarter with only two points scored, which came from a free throw by Schutts and Leach.

That lack in points allowed the Orioles to take a four point lead of 19-15 going into the half time break.

The Bulldogs needed one more basket to tie the game, but the buzzer rang too soon so they trailed 27-25 going into the fourth.

Just like the previous game against the Cardinals, the fourth quarter was a on the edge of your seat kind of game.

The Bulldogs made key free throws to pull ahead by five, which they maintained as the clock hit zero with the final score at 38-33.

Leach made six doubles that game and had one free throw to lead in points with 13. McIntyre was one point behind with 12 from four doubles and he made four out of his six free throws.

Schutts finished with five from two doubles and one free throw out of six made. Boda and Schulz each had four points from their two doubles.

The Bulldogs had a few days off from play. They will resume this Thursday, January 29 with a game at home against Cornell. They will then hit the road Tuesday, February 3 for a contest in Colfax.