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Rockpile – 1-28-2015

We had some great scores this week on the bowling circuit!!

Ben Krosnoski threw a nice 276 on the Hometown League while Peg Obermueller rolled a super 259 on the Town and Country League. Here are some more notable scores: Lori Klinger – 234; Roger Ludtke – 233; Bernie Severin – 232; Cindy Rassbach – 214; Peg Heutmaker – 225; Doug Standaert – 270; Troy Elmer – 253, and Bernie Obermuller – 244. A very difficult split conversion was made by Bill Ross on the Sat. Nite Mixed league with a 4-7-6-10. Good job Keglers!!!

With the Big Game right around the corner, I will predict an outcome of 35-21, Seattle. (I don’t really care, being that Green Bay isn’t in it!!!)

Back When
• 1959 Song of the Day: “Billy Bayou” – Jim Reeves
• 1960 Song of the Day: “El Paso” – Marty Robbins
• 1953 – The NFL’s Dallas Texans became the Baltimore Colts.
• 1959 – Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens began their ill-fated “Winter Dance Party” Tour. Less than two weeks later (Feb. 3, 1959) they all died in a plane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa.
• 1964 – Warren Spahn signed an $85,000 contract, making him the highest paid baseball pitcher at that time.

Big Game Sunday is fast approaching and just a reminder to anyone who was here for any Green Bay game this past season: your name went into a drawing for a 42″ color flat screen TV. We will have the drawing sometime during the Big Game. You must be here for the drawing. Good luck!!

The Pit Bull

A burglar broke into a warehouse and walked to the office in the back of the building. As he entered the office a voice said, “Jesus is watching you”. He moved his flashlight beam around the room and just saw a large pit bull dog lying near the office door behind him. The pit bull wasn’t moving so the burglar continued to look for valuables.

He again heard “Jesus is watching you.” He moved the flashlight around the room again, the pit bull had not moved. Final the light shown on a parrot in a cage and he realized it was the parrot doing the talking.

He walked to the back of the office and shined the flashlight beam right on the parrot and said, “You stupid bird, is that all you know how to say?”

The parrot said in a loud voice, “NO, SIC HIM JESUS.”

Religious Rockpile Reader of the Week
Shirley (Obermueller) Drinkman of Glenwood City, Wisconsin.

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