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Toppers fall to 2-5 standing in D-SC after loss to Colfax and Elk Mound

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Glenwood City boys’ basketball team played a trio of games this past week with their first contest on Thursday in Colfax.

They were then at home on Saturday to host Elk Mound and again at home Monday night to host Prairie Farm.

Their game in Colfax was a low scoring contest that ended in the Vikings’ favor 38-33.

The Toppers trailed 11-8 after the first quarter, but they tied the game at 20s by the half after out scoring the Vikings 12-9.

The Toppers did lead in the first quarter 5-0 after the Jake Hierlmeier scored two free throws and Marcus Kadinger hit a three.

However, Sawyer DeMoe got the ball in his hands and the Toppers could not stop him. He drove in four shots for eight of the Vikings’ 11 points.

Kip Wallace shot a three in the first quarter and then hit another one in the second, which gave the Toppers a brief lead of 12-11.

The Toppers trailed again before Kadinger hit a double and then Wallace dropped his second three in for a 20-17 lead.

There were three seconds left before the half and the Viking’s Brett Prince hit a triple to tie the score.

Wallace knocked down his third three pointer and Hierlmeier drove in two baskets for a total of seven points in the third quarter.

The Vikings however scored three doubles and a free throw of their own  to tie the game once again 27-27.

Hierlmeier had the first basket in the fourth quarter and then their action went cold. The Vikings scored nine straight points and the Toppers tried to answer back with three pointers, but they missed.

Soon time was running out and they were left with only one choice and that was to foul. That put the Vikings on the line, but to the Toppers’ advantage they only scored two out of six shot attempts.

Todd Petersen scored a double and a free throw and Kadinger had a free throw as well in the fourth.

The Toppers again did not have much inside action as they scored just about as many doubles as triples; five doubles and six triples.

Wallace led that game in points with 12 from his four threes. Hierlmeier followed with 11 from three doubles, one triple and he was two for two from the line.

Kadinger finished with seven from one double, one triple and he made two out of four free throws and then Petersen finished with one double and one free throw.

Home against Elk Mound

The Toppers had a 17-7 lead at one point against the Mounders in the first half, but that changed all too quickly in the third quarter.

The Mounders tied the score up at 23 and then again at 26 before taking a commanding lead for the win of 49-35.

The Toppers seem to be shying away from the basket and inside shots. Instead they are going for the long ball, which presents inconsistencies and that has seemed to cost them their last two games.

The Toppers shot six three pointers and just eight doubles in their contest against Elk Mound. The Mounders on the other hand had 14 doubles and four triples.

The game started with the Toppers ahead 10-5 with a three and free throw by Wallace, two doubles by Kadinger and one from Petersen to put them on the board.

The second quarter was a wash with both teams scoring nine points. Wallace again hit a three and Petersen, Schone and Ormson banked in a shot off the glass for two.

The third quarter was really the difference maker. The Topper team scored just three baskets for a total of seven points by a three from Tyler Woodruff and a double from Kadinger and Petersen.

The Mounders posted 16 points of their own from five doubles and two triples, which was enough to give them their first lead of 30-26.

Elk Mound’s offensive play only ignited after that with 19 points scored in the final eight minutes over the Toppers’ nine.

They had 15 attempts from the line in the fourth quarter with nine of them counting for points. Aside from that they dropped in five doubles.

On the Toppers’ side, Schone drained two three’s and Nate Mrdutt made one for the team’s final points.

A surprising statistic was that the Toppers had just two free throw shots and one was made, which was Wallace in the first quarter. The Mounders took 19 shots from the line and were successful with nine.

Schone led the team in points with eight from his two threes and one double. Wallace followed with seven from his two threes and one free throw.

Then it was Kadinger and Petersen with six each from their three doubles. Woodruff and Mrdutt each finished with three and Ormson had two.

65-49 win over Panthers

The Toppers had a big game against the Prairie Farm Panthers with a near 19 point lead at one point in the game.

The Toppers boasted 21 points in the first quarter for a 21-8 lead. Then they were up 16 more points in the second for a 37-25 score at the half.

Hierlmeier came out swinging with a triple drained, then a double, a second triple and another double for ten of the 21 points.

Petersen played strong under the net with three doubles driven up and in. Kadinger also hit a triple and then Schone scored a double.

After scoring 37 points in the first half, the Toppers took a nose dive out of the break with only six points posted in the third quarter. They had three baskets with one each from Wallace, Petersen and Ormson.

The Panthers scored ten points, which put the score gap down to eight with the board reading 43-35 going into the fourth quarter.

Prior to the fourth quarter there was just one free throw shot taken by the Toppers, but it turned into a brawl on the court in the final minutes with a staggering 18 shots attempted.

Hierlmeier shot a three and then was fouled three times for six shots, which he was successful with five of them.

Wallace knocked in a double and then was fouled twice and scored two out of four baskets. Petersen and Ormson also scored a double and went two for two from the line.

Brandon Barstad played a quarter and made a double, which all together totaled the 22 team points for the win of 65-49.

The Toppers finished with a much better inside game this time around with 16 doubles scored and seven triples. They finished with 12 free throws made out of 19.

Hierlmeier had a big game with 21 points from his three triples, three doubles and he finished six for seven on the line.

Petersen played one of his best games this season with 17 points from six doubles, one triple and his two free throws.

Wallace followed with nine from two doubles, two free throws and one triple. Ormson had eight from three doubles and two free throws. Kadinger had two three’s. And Barstad and Schone each had one double.

The Toppers will play this Saturday, January 24 in Clayton and then they will be back home on Monday for a game against Prescott.

They will resume conference play on Thursday, January 29 with a road trip to Mondovi.