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Tiffany Creek Elementary students enjoy free books through Book Trust Grant

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE — Since September of 2014, Early Childhood through Third Grade students at Tiffany Creek Elementary have been receiving $7 worth of free books from the Scholastic Reading Club catalog each month via the Book Trust.

Book Trust is connected to the Wisconsin Technology Initiative (WTI) grant that the school received for smartboards, document cameras and other technologies.

The grant via Book Trust runs for one school year so students in those grades will receive books through May.

The way it works is each student receives a Scholastic catalog like they would usually, but now they are able to go through and pick out $7 worth of free books. The books are theirs to keep and take home.

This could either be one book or 2-3, depending on the price and what comes with the book, such as a necklace.

Mrs. Hellmann shared that her third grade class is learning a great way on how to budget.

Peter Wheeldon and Sara Bauer are students in Mrs. Hellmann’s class. Peter shared that he really enjoys books that make him laugh so this month he picked out a Laugh Out Loud joke book.

Sarah likes fairy tales and stories that have pretty princesses pictured in them. She used her $7 free dollars in December to get the Princess Rescue book.

Both students like to read as much as they can whether it is at school or at home.

Book Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower children from low-income families o choose and own books with the hope of sparking a passion for reading and cultivating increased literacy and life-long learning.

Schools qualify for Book Trust in part based on the percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch.

When a school is eligible for the program, all students within a participating class receive books. TCE was one of five schools selected for the grant this year.

The Book Trust was established in 2001 and currently serves over 36,000 students in 15 states. To date, the Book Trust has put over 3.5 million book in the hands and homes of kids in need.

According to the Book Trust, studies prove that book choice and ownership are fundamental in promoting literacy.

Children who are free to choose what to read are more likely to read and the number of books in a home has the same impact on a child’s level of educational attainment as parental education levels.