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Lady Bulldogs down Cardinals to earn fifth straight conference win

By Kelsie Hoitomt

In exception to the loss to the Cameron Comets on January 5, the Lady Bulldogs have won six out of their last seven games with the most recent against Turtle Lake last Friday.

They also won their fifth straight conference game on Tuesday, January 13 at home against Spring Valley.

51-42 victory at home

The Cardinals were dead last in the conference with their record at 0-8 after losing to the Lady Dogs. Despite that, they actually played completely in stride with the Bulldogs through two quarters.

The score was tied in the first half after both teams posted ten points in the first quarter then 12 points in the second.

Morgan Kuhn put up the first three for the Bulldogs. Cassie Malean also scored three points in the first by a double and a free throw. Lexi Peterson and Brooklyn Hellmann each had a double.

Malean’s shots in the first warmed her up just enough that she went off on a tear in the second quarter. She was fouled to start and scored one basket. Then she drained a three and backed that up with a double.

Peterson dropped a three in as well and Kuhn drove in a shot for two. Madysn Riek was fouled on a shot attempt and made one of her baskets.

Jolene Bird was vocal from the sidelines about the girls moving their feet more and their response to the coach’s request resulted in a very well played third quarter.

They posted 20 points against the Cardinal’s nine, which was the game changer that brought the Bulldogs their nine point victory.

Riek has been a solid figure on the court throughout the season for the Bulldogs with her strong statue, but this was her breakout performance.

She hit the foul shot in the second and then took real control of the ball in the third. She drained a triple and then a double before being fouled. She scored three out of three of her shots and then ended the quarter with another double.

The other ten points came from two doubles by Hellmann, a jump shot from Shyanne Marlett, and baskets from Kuhn and Malean.

The final eight minutes of the game had the Bulldogs scoring 11 points with Kuhn leading the court with five.

She was covered by defenders, but took a step and drove up and in for the first basket of the quarter. She followed that up with a three, which gave the Bulldogs some cushion in their score as the Cardinals had brought their deficit down to four points.

Riek scored a double and then Malean was fouled with 31 seconds left to play. She made both her shots for the Bulldogs final points of the game.

The Cardinals tried to run the ball down to their net, but Abbey Bird quickly snatched it away and held onto it until the buzzer rang.

Malean and Riek tied in points scored with 13 each. Malean had three doubles, one triple and was four for six from the line. Riek had also had three doubles and one triple and she finished with four out of five free throws made.

Kuhn followed with 12 points of her own from her three doubles and two triples. Hellmann had six from her three doubles. Peterson had five from one double and one triple and Marlett had her one double.

Lakers pawed away

There were more fouls called and free throws taken than normal shots in the Bulldogs game against Turtle Lake.

Right from the start there was foul trouble with three calls against the Lakers that put Riek on the line for a total of five attempts. She made three baskets as well as a two-point shot for five out of Bulldogs’ 15 points in the first.

The Bulldogs were in the same boat with unnecessary fouls called against them so early in the contest. The Lakers scored 13 points with four of them free throws; eight shots were attempted overall.

The Bulldogs paced their way through the first half with shots from Marlett, Kuhn and Riek. Marlett had three doubles, Kuhn had a triple and one double and Riek had one double.

Out of the half, the Bulldogs’ offense took a bit of a nose dive with just five points scored, which put them ahead by just four points after the third.

The score was 33-29 going into the final eight minutes. The Bulldogs were able to hold the Lakers away from the basket except for two shots, which gave them four points overall.

The Bulldogs themselves made six shots, which included three free throws from Malean, one free throw and one double from Riek and one double from Hellmann.

The Bulldogs were seven for 18 from the free throw line with four out of ten shots made by Riek. She led the team in points with ten with three doubles also added.

Hellmann and Marlett followed with eight each; Brooklyn drained two three’s and had one double and Shyanne had four doubles.

Malean finished with seven points from her two doubles and three free throw. Kuhn had one double and one triple for five and Abbey Bird made one triple at the start of the game.

Next on the schedule for the Boyceville girls is a road trip to Colfax this Thursday, January 22. They will then play at home on Saturday (Jan. 24) against Stanley-Boyd at 5:00 p.m.

They are back at home Tuesday (Jan. 27) as well for a conference contest against the number two team, Elk Mound.