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Barn building material has ties to Glenwood lumbering days

Jim McNamara, who operated the family farm in Section Two of the Town of Emerald, stopped in the office recently and talked about the barn on the farm that was constructed back in 1923. The 36 X 80 foot barn was a replacement for a barn that was destroyed by a tornado.

Jim noted that the farm will becoming a century farm very soon with his family having farmed it for a hundred years.

But what is the interesting part of the barn is that the lumber that was used in the building of the new barn has ties to people who worked during the lumber days of Glenwood City.

In our December 31st issue we carried a front-page story, which was a letter written by Fred Raffelson in 1966. Fred lived as a youngster in Glenwood during the lumber years and his letter was about that time. In one part of the letter he relates that as the timber was exhausted here, the equipment of the Glenwood Manufacturing Company was moved to Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho. He told about those people from Glenwood that accompanied that move and then those that moved on to Everett, Washington to work in lumber business there.

Well, the rest of the story is: that the lumber to build the new barn on the McNamara farm came from Everett, Washington where those workers from Glenwood had settled. Jim stated that the cost of the materials was $900.