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DATCP debuts forestry products video

MADISON – The demand for wood flooring, construction materials and other quality wood products is growing around the world. To make the most of this market opportunity, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has produced a video showcasing Wisconsin forestry products.

Jennifer Lu, an economic development consultant with DATCP’s International Agribusiness Center debuted the short video, “Growing Wisconsin Forestry Products” today at the annual Lake States Lumber Association winter meeting in Green Bay.

“In some international markets, buyers don’t think of Wisconsin when they are looking for wood products,” Lu said. “This video will help them see the quality, consistency and variety of wood products grown and made in Wisconsin.”

Produced in both English and Chinese, the video was designed as a tool to help Wisconsin’s wood products industry educate customers at home and abroad about the availability and quality of wood products produced from Wisconsin’s forests. It is also available for public use at

Lu was leading representatives of Wisconsin wood products companies at a trade show in China in 2013 when she and the business owners were inspired to make the video.

Wisconsin’s soils and climate help set its wood products apart from those grown in other areas, Lu said. Wood grown in Wisconsin is known for its uniform color and graining. Forestry products include timber, lumber, paper, wood pellets for fuel and finished products such as window frames, flooring and baseball bats. Those products are made from a variety of tree species including ash, maple and oak.

Nearly 17 million acres of Wisconsin, about half the state’s land base, are timberland. That is 2 million more acres than in 1983.

Wisconsin exported wood products valued at more than $209 million in 2013. That includes lumber, railroad ties, veneer and wood for fuel. The top five international markets for Wisconsin wood products in 2013 were Canada, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Wisconsin wood products sales to China more than doubled from 2012 to 2013 and were valued at nearly $38 million.

The Wisconsin International Agribusiness Center provides export education and technical assistance to help Wisconsin companies connect with buyers in overseas markets. To learn more, visit

DATCP made the video in partnership with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources using funding from the U.S. Small Business Administration.