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Lady Bulldogs win fourth straight conference game

By Kelsie Hoitomt

After winning three straight conference games, the Lady Bulldogs had to face off against the Cameron Comets on Monday night.

The Comets made it all the way to the Sectional Championship game last year and then lost to Regis. They beat the Bulldogs  on Monday 71-35.

The Boyceville girls had a chance to redeem themselves on Thursday night and they did just that after they beat up on the St. Croix Central girls 43-32.

Victory at home

The Bulldogs win over the Panthers put their record at 4-3. That created a three-way tie in the Dunn-St. Croix Conference as Central and Glenwood City boasted that same record as well going into Friday.

Cassie Malean scored the first basket for the Bulldog team. She attempted a three point shot, but it missed. However she turned around and gave it a second try for the first three points of the game.

Shyanne Marlett took the first foul as well, which put her on the line and she made both her baskets. Marlett was the strongest shooter from the foul line for the Bulldogs as she finished six for six.

The Panthers were playing very poorly in the first quarter with few shots taken and the ones they did attempt were mostly air balls.

They did managed to knock down two triples and one double towards the end of the quarter for eight points against the Bulldogs’ 13.

Along with Malean and Marlett, Lexi Peterson led the Bulldogs to the top in the first quarter with two triples drained and one double for eight of their 13 points.

The Panthers woke up in the second quarter and started to play better ball, but they still trailed going into the locker room 17-14.

The Bulldogs scored just four points in the second quarter against the Panthers’ defensive pressure, which came from a basket by Marlett and Morgan Kuhn.

The third quarter had a much better outcome as the Bulldogs had 15 points against Central’s five.

Abbey Bird took the ball to the hoop in the opening seconds for the Bulldogs’ first points of the second half. Then Marlett stood on the line and scored two free throws for a 21-14 lead.

The clock time was just above a minute of play when the Panthers scored their first basket, which put the score at 29-15.

The Bulldogs were driving to the hoop and making good shots from under net, which accounted for their 15 points.

Kuhn and Madysn Riek each drove one in, Malean had two and then Bird finished with a three pointer with under 40 seconds to play.

In the final eight minutes, the Bulldogs posted 11 points against the Panthers’ 13. The Bulldogs’ third quarter play gave them enough cushion to solidify the 11 point win.

Kuhn put up the first double in the fourth quarter and then it was a free throw shoot out from that point on.

Peterson seemed to be fouled every time she tried to dribble the ball down the court so she stood on the line four different times for a total of eight free throws.

Riek also took two free throw shots and so did Marlett. Kuhn had three chances as well from the line and made one.

The Bulldogs struggled from the foul with their percentage at 55 percent after they made just 12 of their 22 attempts. Marlett was perfect going six for six and Riek made her one attempt, but Kuhn struggled as she made one out of five and then Peterson finished with four out of ten successful.

Despite that, the Bulldogs did still win. Peterson was the points leader after she landed the two triples and one double along side her free throws.

Marlett followed with eight points from her six free throws and one double. Malean had seven from two doubles and one triple.

Kuhn also had seven from three doubles and the one free throw. Bird finished with five from her one double and one triple. And Riek finished with a double and her two free throws.

Comets fly away

The Bulldogs’ loss to the Comets started after the first eight minutes. Cameron boasted a staggering 25 points in the first quarter alone, which left the Bulldogs trailing by 15.

The second quarter was better with the point deficit down to just three when the Comets scored 12 points to the Bulldogs’ nine.

Malean had a three and a double in the first quarter, Peterson had three free throws and Riek had one double.

Then in the second, Bird had one triple and one double and Marlett pushed two doubles to the hoop.

The score was 37-19 at the half time break, but the gap in points surged after 21 points were put up by the Comets to the Bulldogs’ ten.

Malean continued to scored a double and two free throws and Peterson, Brooklyn Hellmann and Jenna Beyrer knocked a double down.

The game ended with the Lady Bulldogs scoring six final points to the Comets’ 13. Two doubles were scored, one each from Beyrer and Malean and then Marki Lagerstrom was fouled and scored both of her baskets.

Malean led the team in points with 11 from her three doubles, one triple and two free throws.

Bird and Peterson followed with five each; Bird had her one triple and one double and Peterson had one double and was three for three from the line.

Marlett and Beyrer each had four from two doubles. Lagerstrom, Riek and Hellmann then finished with two points each.

The Bulldogs were back in action on Tuesday with a game at home against Spring Valley. They will play this Friday (Jan 16) in Turtle Lake and then they will resume conference play the following Thursday, January 22 in Colfax.