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Lady Toppers close out Holiday Tournament with perfect record

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — The Lady Toppers finished the Holiday Tournament with a perfect showing after they beat the Osceola Chieftains on Monday and then won against the Cornell Chiefs on Tuesday.

The Toppers won 60-41 against the Chieftains, which was a second half victory after both teams were in a pretty tight dead locked throughout the first quarters.

The Toppers had a four point lead after the first quarter with the score at 16-12. Gabby Peterson scored the first basket and then Morgan Kadinger and Moriah Kuehndorf followed, which put the Toppers ahead 6-0.

The Toppers at one point were up 14-5 before their passing game became sloppy, which allowed the Chieftains to score.

Osceola brought that four point deficit down to two after they outscored the Toppers 16-14. They took their first lead of the game nearly two and half minutes in with the score at 16-17.

Turnovers by the Toppers allowed Osceola to jump ahead by a point again at 1:56, but Maya Petersen tied the game with a double.

Petersen had two doubles in the second, Kuehndorf had two as well and a free throw, Jenesa Klinger had a double and Kadinger had a double and a free throws for the Toppers 14 points scored before the half.

Out of the break, the Toppers played their lowest scoring quarter of the game, but to their advantage so did the Chieftains.

The Toppers were able to take an 11 point lead after Osceola posted just three points in the third quarter against their 12.

Kuehndorf was playing a very aggressive game from under the net with all her shots coming in after she drove the ball straight up to the hoop.

She and Peterson each had two doubles in the third and Megan Samens had one as well. Petersen was fouled twice and made two baskets.

The Toppers came out a different team after the half time break, which not only showed in the third quarter, but also in the fourth.

The Toppers continued their assault under the net with a final 16 points scored in the fourth against the Chieftains’ ten.

Kuehndorf finished strong with three doubles for her team. Mikaela Voeltz scored her first baskets with a double and a free throw made.

Peterson and Carlee Strong hit a jump shot in the opening minutes as well and then Becca Moll and Samens finished with five free throws between them.

Kuehndorf led the game in points scored with 20 from her nine doubles and two free throws. Samens followed with ten from her four free throws and three doubles.

Maya Petersen had eight from three doubles and two free throws. Gabby Peterson also had eight from her four doubles.

Kadinger finished with five from two doubles and one free throw. Voeltz had her three points in the fourth quarter. And Strong, Klinger and Moll each finished with two points.

Clean Sweep

On Tuesday night, the Toppers played at 6:00 p.m. against the Cornell Chiefs.

The Chiefs are a Lakeland-East Conference team, who are currently 2-0, but 3-6 overall. Last season they finished second with an 8-2 record behind Flambeau.

The Toppers came out strong with 16 points scored in the first quarter with six points from Kadinger, four from Maya Petersen, three from Gabby Peterson, two from Kuehndorf and one from Samens.

The score was 16-7 at the start of the second quarter and then it increased to 28-11 after the Chiefs scored just two baskets.

Klinger had one of her best quarters played after she drove in a double, followed that up with a triple, then had another double and a free throw for eight of the Toppers’ 12 points.

The third quarter as the best the Chiefs played with 17 points posted, but the Toppers continued to play solid offensively with 16 of their own points scored.

This was their second best quarter and those 16 points gave the Lady Toppers a definitive lead of 44-28.

The fouls were more prominent in the third quarter as the Chiefs began to scramble for the ball.

The Toppers scored six out of eight free throws and then had five doubles; two from Samens and one from Kuehndorf, Peterson and Jennifer Kopacz.

Kuehndorf was fouled and scored two baskets. Samens had a free throw and a two point shot. Peterson and Voeltz each banked one off the glass for two and Petersen sunk a free throw for ten points in the final eight minutes of play

As for the opponent, they finished the night with six points scored from four free throws and one quick lay up for a game final of 54-34.

It was a real team effort for the win with the points spread fairly even across the entire roster.

Gabby Peterson was the points leader for this game with 11 from her four doubles and she was three for three from the line.

Maya Petersen followed with nine from five out of six free throws and then two doubles.

Samens, Kadinger and Klinger followed with eight each. Kadinger was four for four from the line and had two doubles. Klinger had her one triple, one free throw and two doubles. And Samens finished with three doubles and two free throws.

Kuehndorf was next with six total points and she finished with four out of four free throws made and one double. And then Voeltz and Kopacz each finished with one double.

The Toppers have a bit of a break in play now as their next game is not scheduled until Friday, January 16 which will be in Mondovi.

They will then turn around and play Monday, January 19 at home against Prairie Farm with that game starting at 5:45 p.m.