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Bulldog boys leave Clayton victorious after two days of play

By Kelsie Hoitomt

CLAYTON — The Boyceville boys basketball team traveled to Clayton last week for another year of play over the holiday break.

The boys played Northwood on Monday and won 59-44. Then they turned around and got their second win on Tuesday, which was over Clayton 53-44.

The Northwood Evergreens are in the Lakeland-Central Conference. They finished 1-10 last year and are currently 0-2.

The Evergreens actually started off fairly close to the Bulldogs as the score was 12-9 after the first quarter.

However that was quickly out the window after the Bulldogs blew up the net and scored 18 points in the second over Northwood’s seven for a 30-16 score at the half.

The Bulldogs were on top after Schutts and Schulz opened the game with a triple drained from both of them. Schutts followed that up with a double and then one free throw.

Mitch Leach also drove on up and into the basket and Brett Boda sunk a free throw.

Their second quarter was the best offensively that they played with seven of their 18 points scored from Hunter Anderson by his two doubles and one triple.

The ball was shared all around the roster as Schutts and Schulz landed a three point shot again and then Jake McIntyre had a double and Tyler Draeger got his first baskets with three free throws.

Out of the halftime break, Evergreens made some slight improvements on offense. They went from scoring seven points in the second quarter to 13 in both the third and fourth.

The Bulldogs already had a solid lead, which they carried through the end of the game after they scored 15 points in the third and 14 in the fourth.

Leach led the team in points in the third quarter with six from three shots under the net. Schutts had two himself and McIntyre was able to drive on one again. Draeger also scored with a triple for the team

Schutts was the go-to in the fourth quarter with a double to start. Then he was fouled several times, which gave him six attempts and he made four. He ended the game with one final two point shot.

Anderson and McIntyre also scored two free throws and Jake had a double as well.

Schutts had one of his best games of the season and therefore was the points leader of the night with 21 from his two triples, five doubles and five free throws.

Anderson followed with nine from his two doubles, two free throws and one triple. Then McIntyre and Leach each had eight; Jake had three doubles and two free throws and Mitch hit four doubles.

Then it was Schulz and Draeger with six points each; Justin had two triples and Tyler had one triple and three free throws. And then Boda finished with his one free throw.

Victory over Clayton

On Tuesday, the Bulldogs never missed a beat after their over night break. They turned around and stepped back on the court strong against the Clayton Bears with 19 points scored in the opening quarter.

This gave them a ten point lead as the scoreboard read 19-10 at the start of the second quarter.

Schutts continued to be hot with the ball in his hand as he drained two doubles and had two free throws as well.

McIntyre followed with five points scored in the first quarter from a double and then he had the first triple of the game.

Leach also drove in two shots and then Draeger and Boda each took one to the hoop.

They fell into a lull for some reason in the second quarter however as they went from 19 points scored down to seven.

They allowed the Bears to outscore them by three points, which put the half time score at 26-19 with the Bulldogs ahead.

The Bulldogs bounced back after the half and put themselves ahead by over ten points again after the Bears helped them out by only scoring three points in the third.

Schutts drained his second three and Boda, Draeger and McIntyre each hit a double for Bulldog points, which put the score at 36-22 going into the fourth.

Despite the Bears’ efforts in the final minutes and three triples scored by Austin Anderson, the Bulldogs beat them down and won with 15 points posted.

Schutts again finished as the points leader for his team with 16 from six out of nine free throws, two triples and two doubles made.

Draeger and McIntyre followed with 11 points each; Tyler had four doubles and three free throws and Jake had four doubles and one triple.

Then Leach was next with six from his three doubles. Boda had two doubles, Schulz had two free throws and Anderson had one.

These were two nice wins for the Bulldog team and a confidence booster after they lost their previous four games.

They will try to keep their winning streak alive with a game in Glenwood City on Friday, January 9. They will then play on Tuesday, January 13 on the road at Turtle Lake.