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GC hosts double header against Frederic Vikings

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — The Glenwood City basketball teams hosted one final game before the holiday break last Tuesday night with the boys and girls each playing against the Frederic Vikings.

The first game started at 5:55 p.m. with the ladies going head to head. That ended in the Toppers’ favor with the final score at 63-51.

The boys’ game was at 8:00 p.m. and that however did not end well as the Toppers lost 65-57.

The Vikings are in the Lakeland West Conference and currently the girls team is 3-0 with a 5-3 overall record. As for the boys, they are currently undefeated as well with a 2-0 record.

The girls’ game was a wash to start with both teams posting 16 points in the first quarter.

Jen Kopacz came out strong for the Toppers. She scored the first three pointer of the game and then followed it up with a double and another triple.

Moriah Kuehndorf drove in a double and then was fouled and drained both her free throws. Megan Samens also took two free throw shots and Maya Petersen had a double for the Toppers opening points.

The second quarter was the difference maker with the Toppers outscoring the Vikings 20 to 11 for a nine point lead at the half.

Kopacz continued her assault from the tip of the arc with two additional threes scored. Gabby Peterson matched her in points with three doubles.

Samens and Kuehndorf each made a shot from under the basket and then Kuehndorf, Petersen and Mikaela Voeltz each made free throws.

Out of the break, the Toppers’ momentum continued as they scored eight more points than the Vikings, which solidified their lead.

The Toppers posted 15 points in the third with Peterson dominating the court. She scored ten of the Toppers’ 15 points by five doubles.

Samens followed with one of her own and a free throw and Kuehndorf drained a shot from the line as well.

The Toppers were up 51-34 going into the final eight minutes of play. They went lax on their offense, but still finished strong with 12 points posted.

The Vikings had their best quarter with 17 points scored, ten of which came from free throws.

All together the Vikings had 24 shot attempts from the foul line with 16 of them making it through. The Toppers were not far from that with 27 attempts and just 14 made.

On offense, the Toppers were led in points scored by Peterson. She made nine doubles and the one free throw for 19 points.

Kopacz followed just one point behind with 18 from her four triples, two doubles and two free throws.

Kuehndorf finished with 11 points from five out of eight free throws made and then three doubles. Samens was next with seven with two doubles and two free throws. Petersen had five from three free throws and one double and Voeltz had one double and one free throw.

The boys game started ironically the same with a wash in the first quarter with both teams posting 14 points.

Todd Petersen was the main go-to under the net for the Toppers with three doubles dropped in off the glass and then he also banked a triple for nine of the team’s 14 points.

Kip Wallace also had a triple for the Toppers and Bill Norenberg scored a two point shot to wrap up the opening quarter.

The game was all locked up by the half time break as well with the Vikings and Toppers each scoring 13 points in the second.

The Toppers did miss one free throw in the first and second quarters, which could have given them a slight two point lead.

The second half was the game changer. The Vikings came out playing one step ahead of the Toppers with good passes made that opened up three point shot opportunities.

Consistency was the name of the game as the Vikings outscored the Toppers by just four points in both the third and fourth quarters with a 19-15 difference.

The Toppers trailed in the final minutes, which meant they needed to foul in order to get the ball back, which ended up working in Frederic’s favor.

Ten of their 19 points were scored on free throws and as a team, they finished with 11 out of 18 foul shots made.

The Toppers only had a total of five chances at the line in the entire second half with just two baskets making it through the hoop.

Petersen finally had a break out game with 26 points scored for the Topper team, which included nine doubles, two triples and two free throws.

He played a very smooth game on both sides of the ball with just one personal foul called on him.

Wallace followed with ten points from his two triples and two doubles. Jake Hierlmeier was a point behind him with nine from his two free throws in the second, two doubles in the third and one triple in the fourth.

Marcus Kadinger also finished with nine points, which came from one free triple scored in the second, third and fourth quarters.

Norenberg then rounded out the scoring with three points from his one double and one free throw.

The Toppers shot fairly poor from the line with just five of their 12 attempts making it down the hole.

The boys had a chance to redeem themselves on Monday (Dec. 29) and Tuesday (Dec. 30) with the annual boys and girls Holiday Tournament at the High School against Somerset, Osceola and Cornell.

They will resume play on Monday, January 5 with another non-conference game at home against Spooner at 7:30 p.m.

They will then travel to Spring Valley on Tuesday (Jan. 6) to take on the Cardinals.

As for the Lady Toppers, after this week they will not play again until Friday, January 16, which will be a road trip to Mondovi.