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Bulldog boys finish 0-2 against Unity and Colfax

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Boyceville boys basketball team took a road trip to Unity last Monday night and then they were home Friday to host Colfax. Both contests ended in a loss for the Bulldogs.

Unity road trip

The Eagles are on top of their Lakeland-West conference this season and they took the win, but the Bulldogs were able to stay neck and neck except for one quarter in the 45-33 final.

That one quarter that was a game changer happened to be the first as the Bulldogs only scored one point in the entire eight minutes, which came from a free throw by Sam Hellmann.

The Eagles posted ten unanswered points to set them on pace for the victory.

The Bulldogs were able to pull it together and play some basketball in the second quarter with nine baskets made for a total of 18 points.

Unity stayed consistent on the court with 13 of their own scored, which gave them a five point lead of 24-19.

After the third quarter, the Bulldogs trailed by four in scoring with six points posted on their side and ten from Unity.

That pace remained the same throughout the remainder of the game with the Bulldogs scoring eight final points to the Eagles’ 11.

The Bulldogs went the entire game with no three-pointers scored. They posted 13 doubles and had seven free throws.

Brady Schutts led the team in points scored with 11 from five doubles and one free throw. Mitch Leach followed with seven from three doubles and he was one for one at the line.

Hunter Anderson finished the night with five points from two doubles and one free throw. Hellmann ended up with two free throws and one double. And Justin Schulz, Brett Boda and Jake McIntyre each had two.

Defeated at home

The Bulldogs fell to 0-3 in the Dunn-St. Croix after the Vikings beat them 43-36 last Friday night.

The Bulldogs trailed by six points at the end of the first quarter with the score at 7-13.

Schulz was hot from the arc with three triples scored in the game including one in the first quarter, one in the third and then one in the fourth.

His triple along with a double from McIntyre and Hellmann accounted for the Bulldogs’ seven points.

The second quarter was a wash with both teams posting seven points so the Bulldogs walked into the locker room at the half trailing by six points with the score at 14-20.

The aggressive play heated up in the quarter with more fouls called. The Bulldogs were on the line once with one basket scored from Schutts.

The Vikings took ten shots themselves with five making it through the hoop.

Micadin Kahl, Anderson and Leach each had a double in the quarter as well.

Out of the half, the scoring remained consistent with the points ending in a tie again with both teams posting nine for a 29-23 score at the end of the third quarter.

The Bulldogs’ nine points were scored on a three and a double from Schutts, a second triple from Schulz and a free throw by Leach.

The game ended with the Bulldogs posting their best quarter with 13 points. The Vikings held their edge over them with 14 of their own scored.

Leach and Schutts scored ten points between the two of them with a double and a triple from Schutts and then Leach landed three free throws and a double.

Leach was fouled a handful of times, which gave him six opportunities at the line and he was successful with four.

As a team, the Bulldogs were under 50 percent at the line with five of their 12 shots actually counting for points.

Schutts led the team in the points with 11 from one free throw and then two doubles and his two triples.

Schulz followed with nine from his three triples. Then it was Leach with eight and Kahl, McIntyre, Hellmann and Anderson each had a double.

The boys have just one game scheduled this next week with a road trip to Elk Mound planned for Thursday, December 18.

Following that game, they will be off until December 29 and 30, which is the invite at the Clayton High School.