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WIAA to celebrate the 100th Boys State Basketball Championships

In the last week, the boys basketball games have begun statewide in a season that will find people in Wisconsin celebrating the 100th Boys State Basketball Championships.

The WIAA had asked all boys basketball coaches to spend some time over the summer to research any of the state titles their school had won over the past 100 years.

“We are hoping that those schools who have had championships over the years will take a night during the season to celebrate those championships,” said Deb Hauser, WIAA Associate Director.

At the state tournament in March, the WIAA will kick things off on Thursday, March 19 with a Pre-Game Celebration beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Items from past tournaments will be on display along with a timeline that will depict the many memorable happenings from the past 100 years.

At noon on Thursday, a video will be presented on the video board at the Kohl Center to honor and celebrate the great tournaments of years past.

In addition, during the course of the tournament, many former players and coaches will be on hand and introduced during the games.

On Saturday, March 21, we will have our inaugural 3-Point Challenge that will feature ten players (two from each division) in a shoot out to determine who is the best three-point shooter in the state.

Players will qualify based on their stats for the regular season.   The 3-Point Challenge will happen at both the girls and boys tournaments this year.  A leader board will be displayed on the website around the start of the new year.

The 2014-15 season will also be the 40th Girls State Basketball Tournament

There are some updates to the rules of high school basketball from WIAA; here are some guidelines for the new rule regarding contact with a ballhandler.

Ballhandler/Dribbler Contact: The following items constitute a foul:

1. A defender placing two hands on a ballhandler/dribbler.

2. A defender placing an arm bar (extended forearm) on the ballhandler/dribbler.

3. A defender placing and keeping a hand on the ballhandler/dribbler.

4. Defender contacting a ballhandler/dribbler more than once with the same or alternating hands.