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Lady Bulldogs beat Cadott to earn first win of the season

By Kelsie Hoitomt

To start off last week, the Lady Bulldogs fell to 0-2 in the Dunn-St. Croix Conference after Elk Mound beat them 61-37 last Tuesday night.

The Bulldogs tried to regain their composure on Friday night with a contest at home against Cadott. They were successful at putting a W on their record after beating the Hornets 42-19, which put their overall record at 1-3.

Victory at home

The Bulldogs’ road to victory started with an 11-8 lead after the first quarter. They were on the board after Morgan Kuhn scored two doubles and Shyanne Marlett, Lexi Peterson and Cassie Malean each had one.

Peterson drew the first foul against the Hornets so she went to the line for two shots and was successful with one.

Their lead increased to a 13 point difference after they posted 13 points against the Hornets’ three in the second quarter.

The Bulldogs played a strong full court press in the final minutes, which overturned the ball several times and allowed them to hold the Hornets to just three baskets.

Marlett dominated the hoop for her team with eight of the 13 points scored by her. She hit four shots off the glass to give her team the edge over Cadott.

Malean and Peterson each hit a two-point basket and Madysn Riek scored one of her two foul shots.

Out of the half, the Bulldogs continued to out score Cadott with an 8-4 difference on offense.

Marlett again led on the court in points scored with four from two doubles. Kuhn and Peterson followed with a double each as well.

The non-conference contest ended with the Bulldogs scoring ten final points in the fourth quarter.

On the other side of the ball, the Hornets slowed down their shot attempts and they only scored two baskets for four points.

The Bulldogs sealed their win with a double from Marlett, Peterson and Brooklyn Hellmann and then two free throws each from Malean and Kuhn.

Despite their attempts, the Bulldogs did not score a three point shot. They did however score 18 doubles and they were successful with six of their 11 free throw attempts.

Marlett was the points leader with 16 overall from eight doubles. Peterson followed with nine from four doubles and one free throw. Kuhn had eight from three doubles and two free throws. Malean had six from two doubles and two free throws. Hellmann had her one double and Riek finished with the one free throw.

On the road to Elk Mound

The Mounders finished 10-5 in the D-SC last season just ahead slightly ahead of the 9-7 Bulldogs, but their play on Tuesday night seemed to seriously trump the Lady Dogs’ efforts.

The Mounders held a six points lead after the first quarter with the Bulldogs posting two free throws from Malean and a double from Marlett for four.

The Mounders answered back with a three pointer, to doubles and three free throws for a 10-6 lead.

The first quarter may have been a close contest, but the second quarter was a complete blow out after the Mounders posted a remarkable 31 points against the Bulldogs’ 14.

The 14 points scored was a solid quarter of basketball played by the Bulldogs with a three pointer made by Abbey Bird along with two free throws. Peterson also drained all three of her foul shots and so did Marlett.

Marlett also had a double and Malean landed one of her two foul shot attempts.

This was their best quarter of offensive play against the Mounders, but it went unnoticed after the 31 points put the half time 41-18.

Out of the break, the Mounders continued their assault with 15 points scored on two triples, four doubles and a free throw.

The Bulldogs feel a bit behind on their offensive momentum with 11 points posted. Malean hit a three, Marlett scored her third double as well as two free throws and Riek had a double and two free throws also.

The Mounders led 56-27 at the start of the fourth quarter, which turned into the final of 61-37 after they posted just five points against the Bulldogs’ eight.

The Bulldogs’ final points were scored on a shot off the glass and two free throws from Marlett and then two fouls shots each from Malean and Hellmann.

Despite the loss, the Bulldogs were incredibly successful at the foul line with 23 of their 28 free throws made.

Marlett led the team in points with 15, seven of which were foul shots. Malean followed with eight, Bird had five, Riek had four, Peterson had three and Hellmann had two.

The Bulldogs were scheduled for a game in Somerset on Tuesday and then they will be on the road again Thursday, December 11 for a conference show down in Glenwood City, which starts at 7:30 p.m.