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Bulldog boys open season with win over Bruce; fall short in Spring Valley

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Boyceville boys basketball team had their first game of the 2014-15 season last Tuesday night, which was at home against the Bruce Raiders.

Despite some typical first game errors, the Bulldogs came out aggressive on both ends of the ball with several rebounds and steals taken, which aided in their 49-39 victory.

Starting on the court for the Bulldogs were five seniors; Brady Schutts, Justin Schulz, Jake McIntyre, Tyler Draeger and Mitch Leach.

Leach was center for the jump up, which gave the Bulldogs the ball for their first possesion. They were unable to score a shot, but that quickly changed when Schulz got his hands on the ball and charged the hoop for a lay up.

The basket was good and he also drew a foul. Schulz made both free throws, which put the Bulldogs up 3-0.

He turned around and scored a the first three-pointer of the game for five of the Bulldogs’ 14 points scored in the first quarter.

Schutts was the only other player to score in the quarter with four out of six free throws made and a double.

The Raiders were now warmed up, which created a more evenly matched basketball game on both sides of the ball.

They got their hands on a few steals, which in turn led to baskets made on their offense. They scored 12 points in the second against the Bulldogs’ 14 for a 28-19 score going into the half.

The Bulldogs maintained a lead after Schulz landed his second three and a double. Draeger made his first baskets as well with two free throws followed by a triple. Leach also was fouled and scored both baskets and Schutts had a double.

Out of the half, the game remained at its previous pace with a slight decline in offensive activity.

The Bulldogs hit a double and then Schulz drained a three to put the score at 33-19. Finally with the clock at under two minutes, the Raiders put a shot in, which was a free throw that put the score at 39-20.

The Raiders controlled the clock in the final two minutes with seven additional points scored on  two doubles and then a three as the clock hit zero by Conner Kopras for a third quarter score of 39-27.

By the middle of the fourth quarter, Schulz and Schutts each had four fouls against them. Schutts went up for an offensive shot, but fouled for the fifth and final time and the basket was ruled no good.

Schulz shot a three pointer with three minutes to play for a 46-33 lead and then Leach was called on his fourth foul.

The activity on the court in the fourth quarter was quiet amongst both teams with little communication.

The Bulldogs silently scored ten points against the Raider’s 12 for a ten point victory that ended with a lay up by Sam Hellmann.

Schulz was the points leader for the team with 18 from his four triples, two doubles and two free throws.

Schutts followed with 12 from three doubles and he finished six out of eight at the foul line. Draeger finished with eight points from one double, one triple and three free throws.

McIntyre had four points from two doubles, Hunter Anderson had one three-pointer and Hellmann and Leach each finished with two points.

As a team, the Bulldogs posted nine doubles, six triples and were successful with 13 out of 18 free throws for their first game of the season.

Cardinals win at home

The Bulldogs’ second game of the year and first conference contest ended in an 11 point loss to the Spring Valley Cardinals.

“We have areas that we can improve on and as a team. We have recognized these areas that need improving and now it is time to regroup and refocus our efforts on getting better in practice,” said coach Ben Luer.

The Bulldogs only trailed by three in the highly active first quarter. They posted 16 points against the Cardinals’ 19, which included two three-pointers from Draeger, three doubles from Leach and two from Hellmann.

The Bulldogs outscored the Cardinals in the second quarter by three to tie the game at 28’s going into the locker room for the half time break.

Anderson was in the game and posted two triples and one free throw to give the Bulldogs a solid push.

Hellmann hit the net again for his third double, McIntyre drained his first one of the game and Schutts scored one of his two free throw attempts to give the Bulldogs their 12 points.

The game was at a stalemate at the half time break with both teams posting seven points in the third for a score of 35-35.

The Cardinals however kicked it into overdrive in the final eight minutes with 21 points scored with the majority coming from foul shots.

The Cardinals took fifteen foul shots in the fourth quarter alone with 11 of those counting as points. Their other ten points were scored on two three’s and two doubles.

The fouls were evenly called on both sides of the ball though nine shot attempts were tried on the Bulldogs’ side.

They were successful with five of them and Schulz hit a three and Hellmann a double for the remainder of the points.

On the court, Hellmann led the team in points with 12 from five doubles and two free throws.

Leach followed with eight from four doubles. Then it was Anderson and Draeger with seven each; both had two triples and a free throw.

McIntyre followed with four points from two doubles, Schulz had one triple and Schutts and Micadin Kahl each had two free throws.

The Bulldogs were in Unity Monday night (Dec. 8). They will play again this Friday, December 12 at home against Colfax starting at 7:30 p.m.