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Boyceville HS Science Olympiad team defeats two state champions; MS team defeats MN state champion

BOYCEVILLE -— The Boyceville High School Science Olympiad defeated three-time defending Minnesota State Champion and 11-time defending Illinois State Champion New Trier for the first time ever on their way to finishing in third place overall out of 61 teams this past Saturday at the 8th Annual Boyceville Invite.

Mounds View is the defending national runner-up team from last year and New Trier finished in 13th place at the National Tournament at the University of Central Florida last May.  Boyceville only finished behind 2014 Wisconsin State Champion Menomonie and defending state runner-up Wayzata High School from Minnesota.  Individual event medals were awarded to the top five finishers in each event out of the 35 teams in Division 1, and gold medals were earned by juniors Andrew Marshall and Wyatt Swenson in Geocaching and Marshall and sophomore Max Engel in Air Trajectory.  Silver medals were earned by Engel and Marshall in Scrambler and senior Hannah Jerrie, junior Luke Timper, and Marshall in Code Busters.  Bronze medals were earned by juniors Maddy Bygd, Samantha Merkel, and Peyton Hellmann in Protein Modeling, Swenson and Engel in Bridge Building, Swenson and Timper in Mystery Design, Swenson and Engel in Bungee Drop, and freshmen Brennan Wheeldon and Sean Best in Mission Possible.  A fourth place medal was earned by Timper and Engel in Astronomy, and a fifth place medal was earned by juniors Alex Kapsner and Brandon Windsor.  Critical team points were also earned by senior Nolan Windsor and freshman Jason Swanepoel in Fossils, GeoLogic Mapping, and Entomology.

Boyceville’s three other Science Olympiad teams participated in Division 2, and gold medals were earned by seniors Rachal Anderson and Allison Kenefick in Food Science, Bridge Building, and Mystery Design, junior Lee Oemig and sophomore Alyssa Leslie in Astronomy, freshmen Mariah Drury and Hunter Holten in Invasive Species, and sophomores Kiel Anderson and Michael Chich in Air Trajectory.  Silver medals were earned freshmen Rian Corr and Emmett Kapsner in Air Trajecgtory, Mystery Design, Scrambler, and Wright Stuff, Kiel Anderson & Chich in Bridge Building and Bungee Drop, and freshman Erica Sempf, Rachal Anderson, and Kenefick in Experimental Design.  A bronze medal was earned by Leslie and Oemig in GeoLogic Mapping, and fifth place medals were earned by Oemig and Leslie in Dynamic Planet and freshman Nicole Drinkman and Holten in Forensics.

The Boyceville Middle School Science Olympiad team finished in the runner-up position at the 34-team Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament also this past Saturday, defeating defending Minnesota state champion Chippewa Middle School from North Oaks, MN.  A tournament championship gold medal was earned by ninth grader Casey Owen and sixth grader Nathan in Road Scholar.  Silver medals were earned by Owen and seventh-grader Noelle Wheeldon in Simple Machines, Owen & Corr in Elastic Launch Glider and Bottle Rockets, and Corr and ninth-grader Luke Knudtson in Wheeled Vehicle.  Fourth place medals were earned by Owen and eighth-grader Mark Timper in Meteorology and seventh-graders Ana Evenson, Caitlyn Pelikan, and Wheeldon in Picture This.  Fifth place medals were earned by Timper and Evenson in Bio-Process Lab, Wheeldon and eighth-grader Sarah Kapsner in Air Trajectory, and seventh-graders Cade Klefstad and Tyra Kostman in Robo-Cross.

The Boyceville Middle School Science Olympiad team is now off until January 10th when they travel to Minneapolis for the University of Minnesota Gopher Invitational, while the High School Science Olympiad team is off until January 24th when they travel to River Falls for the UWRF Border Battle Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament.

The Boyceville Science Olympiad program would like to thank all of the participating teams and coaches, the custodial staff, the teachers/staff/faculty of the Boyceville Community School District, and all of the other volunteers who made this event possible.

Final High School Team Results – 8th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament
1 Wayzata (MN) A 130
2 Menomonie Maroon 151
3 Boyceville Varsity Purple 175
4 Mounds View (MN) Darwins 182
5 New Trier (IL) Blue 219
6 Menomonie White 228
7 Mounds View (MN) Blobfish 240
8 Mounds View (MN) Sea Cucumbers 257
9 Mounds View (MN) Salt Mines 273
10 Medford Red 289
11 New Trier (IL) Grey 319
12 New Trier (IL) Green 319
13 Mounds View (MN) Hungry Apes 340
14 Eden Prairie (MN) A 392
15 Wayzata (MN) C 428
16 Wausau West 433
17 Shell Lake Gold 437
18 New Richmond Black 468
19 Wayzata (MN) B 475
20 Rochester Mayo (MN) B 499
21 Rochester Mayo (MN) A 515
22 Menomonie Gold 522
23 Medford Black 528
24 Lakeland Union A 536
25 Spring Lake Park (MN) 543
26 Medford White 550
27 Eden Prairie (MN) B 569
28 Eastview (MN) Lightning 602
29 Menomonie Black 617
30 Rochester John Marshall 627
31 Athens 635
32 Spring Valley 656
33 Eden Prairie (MN) C 661
34 Elk Mound B 691
35 Eastview (MN) Thunder 707
36 Denmark Purple 725
37 Boyceville Freshmen-Tesla 737
38 New Richmond Orange 754
39 Denmark Gold 762
40 Elk Mound A 775
41 Elk Mound C 777
42 St. Croix Central A 824
43 Boyceville JV-Newton 837
44 Eastview (MN) Storm 848
45 Shell Lake Blue 852
46 Chippewa Falls Red 854
47 Chippewa Falls White 864
48 Apple Valley (MN) A 877
49 Elk Mound D 904
50 Apple Valley (MN) B 932
51 Menomonie Aqua 944
52 Medford Silver 961
53 St. Croix Central B 981
54 Boyceville JV-Einstein 1013
55 Triton (MN) 1098
56 Lakeland Union B 1118
57 Baldwin-Woodville 1123
58 Shell Lake White 1160
59 Medford Pink 1173
60 Colfax 1213
61 Northfield (MN) 1364

Final Middle School Team Results – 8th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament
1 Rochester Friedell (MN) Black 100
2 Boyceville Varsity Purple 182
3 Menomonie Maroon 194
4 Rochester Friedell (MN) Yellow 207
5 Chippewa (MN) Whales 209
6 Highview (MN) Pumpkins 234
7 Chippewa (MN) Squids 250
8 Medford Red 258
9 Chippewa (MN) Rays 259
10 Chippewa (MN) Turtles 263
11 Highview (MN) Squash 294
12 Menomonie White 298
13 Medford Black 348
14 Medford White 369
15 Sparta Innovations STEM Red 405
16 Highview (MN) Gourds 411
17 Spring Valley 416
18 Rochester Friedell (MN) Green 457
19 Menomonie Gold 465
20 Ft. Atkinson St. Joseph 512
21 Sparta Innovations STEM Gold 512
22 New Richmond Black 612
23 Providence Academy (MN) B 630
24 New Richmond Orange 631
25 Chippewa (MN) Manatees 635
26 Providence Academy (MN) C 645
27 Providence Academy (MN) D 670
28 Providence Academy (MN) A 676
29 Boyceville JV-Blue 682
30 Boyceville JV-Red 684
31 Boyceville JV-Green 707
32 Reedsburg Webb 714
33 Elmwood 766
34 Triton (MN) 805