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Toppers 2-0 with a win over Elmwood/Plum City

By Kelsie Hoitomt

ELMWOOD — The Glenwood City girls basketball team started a winning streak after defeating the Elmwood/Plum City Wolves last Monday night 60-39.

The Toppers seemed to be a bit foggy on the court the first half with not much action taking place until the fourth quarter when they really woke up.

 The Toppers had a four point lead after the first quarter but then they allowed the Wolves to score 18 points against their 14 in the second, which tied the game at 24’s.

Out of the break they out scored the Wolves by a mere four points for a 41-37 lead going into the final quarter.

The girls then regained their focus and picked up some momentum in the fourth quarter finally, which allowed them to shut down the Wolves and hold them to two points as they scored 19.

On the court, Moriah Kuehndorf scored three doubles in the first quarter and seniors Megan Samens and Jennifer Kopacz each had one to put the Toppers up 10-6.

In the second quarter, Kuehndorf scored the first three pointer for the team along with another double and a free throw.

Samens hit both her free throws and had two doubles as well and Morgan Kadinger scored her first basket of the night.

In the third quarter, the Toppers posted 17 points with six from Kuehndorf on another three, a double and a free throw.

Kadinger followed with five points from three out of four free throws made and a double. Gabby Peterson knocked in her first two baskets for four points and Becca Moll scored one for two.

In the final quarter, The Toppers heated up with seven doubles shot including two from Peterson, Kopacz and Jenesa Klinger and one from Kadinger. Peterson and Kuehndorf each had two free throws and Kopacz landed one.

Scoring wise, Kuehndorf led the team with 20 points overall from her two threes, five doubles and four free throws.

Peterson followed with ten points from four doubles and two free throws. Kadinger was next with nine points from three doubles and three free throws.

Samens had eight points from three doubles and two free throws. Kopacz had seven points from three doubles and one free throw.

Klinger had four points from her two doubles and Moll finished with two points from her one basket.

The Toppers had a break over the Thanksgiving holiday and then they resumed play on Tuesday (Dec. 2) with a game at home against St. Croix Central.

They will then play on Friday, December 5 in Spring Valley with that game starting at 7:30 p.m.