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School Board recognizes Charles Rasmussen for 20 years of service

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — Superintendent Tim Johnson gave recognition to the Board members during Monday night’s meeting, which included a certificate and pin for 20 years of service to Dr. Charles Rasmussen.

Rasmussen is the current Board President, which is a title he has held for ten years. Prior to that he served as a board member for eight years and the treasurer for two years.

John Logghe was recognized for 13 years, Dr. Lisa Kaiser for her 12 years, Judy Achterhof  for 11 years, Jon Mrdutt for nine years and Charlotte Stout for her one year.

In other news, earlier in November, the Board interviewed Miron Construction, Market and Johnson, and ICS to represent them in either a referendum or combination referendum and energy efficiency exemption project.

The board decided to move forward with planning for a referendum.  The formal resolution needs to be approved at the January 12th meeting.

The Buildings, Grounds and Transportation committee stated Monday that there will also be more concrete details and a better timeline of happenings at the December 8 meeting.

There are still have some contract negotiations that as Superintendent, Johnson needs to work out, but depending on the company chosen to work with, they will provide pre-referendum services, mock drawings, budget details, etc.. in preparation for the referendum and help the Board make good decisions and inform the community.

The company chosen will work through the prioritized items from the task force in defining the scope of work.

Another updated included one from Elementary Principal, Betsy Haltinner. She shared that on Thursday, December 11 there will be a family night from 6-8:00 p.m. With a cake walk, craft areas and a Santa’s workshop area set up for shopping.

Items approved included April Bauman and Sally Standaert as Destination Imagination volunteers. Jake Score was approved as C-Team boys basketball coach and Pete Gaustad was approved as the C-Team girls basketball coach.

A donation of five used iPads from McGough Construction was also approved.