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An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 11-26-2014

by Mark Walters

Another Positive Weekend in the Great Outdoors

Hello friends,

This week I was going to write about a bowhunting and camping trip that had to be cancelled, so instead I will write about three pretty full days in the outdoors near my home in Juneau County.

Friday, November 15th
High 35, low 17

Fall has been replaced by winter even though it is 46 days before the calendar says that it is winter. Today, for the first time this fall, I sat in a tree on my daughter Selina’s food plot with a bow in my hand while she was hunting.

Selina and I worked our butts off to first rototill and then plant 3/4s of an acre of clover and chickoree last spring, and this fall on an adjoining plot we tilled and then planted a ¼ of an acre of turnips, beets, and radishes.

To earn the right to hunt on this land we cut, split, and delivered 3 loads of firewood. Selina is in her second season of bowhunting and is yet to harvest a deer with a bow and arrow and tonight would be about her 20th night out this fall.

This afternoon it was cold and we had a dinner and a play to go to as soon as we climbed down from our stands. We did not see a deer but were very confident for the next two days hunts. This was the first time in my life that I sat in a separate tree from Selina with both of us carrying a bow and it sure made me think about how fast a 1-year-old becomes a 13-year-old.

Saturday, November 16th
High 28, low 12 

This morning, the original “KAMO Kid” Jamie Bistodeau, who is now a junior at Necedah High School, pulled into our driveway with her Ford pickup. Jamie is a part of The Red Brush Gang (our deer hunting camp).

I have traveled throughout Wisconsin with Jamie both hunting and fishing and after she lost her dad at a young age to a snowmobile accident, I like to think our experiences have helped her to become the outdoorswoman that she is

Today, Selina, Jamie and I were scouting for deer in The Meadow Valley Wildlife Area, which joins up with The Necedah National Wildlife Area. Along with other public lands there is over 200 square miles of woods water and marsh.

This fall I trapped wolf and let me tell you, in a lot of sections of this area there are very few deer.

Today, we found an area that with recent snow on the forest and marsh floor revealed a good population of deer and we each picked out a spot to hunt with a rifle.

Tonight I drove to Waupun to pickup my/Selina’s golden retriever Fire. Fire went into heat last week and I was very fortunate to find an excellent stud.

Steve and Tina Hopp are true “golden” people and have three excellent males. Duke is Steve’s pride and joy and has won a ton of first and second places in sanctioned field trials. Steve spent several years traveling with Duke, working the field trial circuit and this master and his dog have a ton to be proud of.

Fire must have recognized that in Duke because within 1 minute of meeting him last week, she decided they should start a family. The bottom line is I might have pups from two exceptional goldens so if you are interested, get a hold of me.

The following day, Selina and I were going to do an afternoon bowhunt and while I was at a farm in Adams County, buying hay and straw I saw a ton of geese and ducks working a picked cornfield.

Bows were replaced with shotguns and a man, his daughter, and their hopefully pregnant pup had another exceptional outing in the great outdoors.

I wish fall lasted longer! Sunset