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Springfield Township approves 2015 proposed budget

By Kelsie Hoitomt

WILSON — At their monthly meeting, the Springfield Town Board approved a 2015 proposed budget of $272,694.

The proposed budget is a $115,610 decrease from what the 2014 actual budget was, which was $388,304.

In revenue, there is a $30,057 difference from 2014 to 2015 in the Truck Fund due to the Township cashing in an equipment fund CD.

In expenditures, there is a significant difference in General Government with $61,941 on last year’s budget and $90,317 on the proposed.

The difference is due to the Township being required to purchase a new voting machine at the cost of $7,000 and there is $24,000 in hall maintenance because a new roof is needed as well as repairs to the hall.

And lastly, the major difference is in Public Works with $235,882 budgeted in 2014, but only $107,693 in 2015.

There was a big bill for road construction and highway maintenance last year, especially with the bad winter. And there was also the cost of storm damage clean up from the excess of rain that fell this spring.

Town Clerk, Vicky Benson stated that the township did receive a good portion of that storm damage money back.

Aside from the budget, the Board also approved the 2015 Highway Expenditures along with a five year roadwork plan, which included crack filling, chip sealing and brush cutting next year.

The Board approved to pay the 2014 tax levy in 2015, which is totaled at $128,022.

The Board approved authorizing the town board itself to hire officers as employees of the town and leave the hourly wage of $10.25 the same.

The Board approved the authority of the town board to borrow money if needed pursuant to Sec. 60.10 (2) (a).

The Board approved a donation of $1,000 from the Oakwood Cemetery.

And lastly, Joel Brandt of Brandt Surveying approached the Board with a one lot CSM (Certified Survey Map) for Bridget Fickling in the Springfield Township.