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Colfax Health and Rehab – 11-10-2014

Now that the elections are over, life can return to normal. One of our residents said “November Normal in Wisconsin is never normal. It’s always a surprise and that’s the way it’s always been”. She showed me her calendar with each day she had marked off. She said “There is always something thought-provoking to do each day and I love living here, but I am counting the days until Christmas when my children and grandchildren will be in town!”

 On Saturday residents could attend REX Class, Card games in the afternoon and Rex Class in the evening. Many visitors enjoyed the company of their loved ones this week end. Leona Ubbelhode visited and spent time paying a visit with many of her old and new friends. She always seems to have candy tucked in her pockets to share with everyone. Merle Roth was in the main entryway and greeted visitors on the weekend.

On Monday morning the activity programs got underway with devotions, current events and an exercise session. The afternoon was a delight when “Magic” Mary Faeber arrived with her keyboard. Several residents got up and sang songs with her. One particular person was Becky Hagen who was there for her own retirement party. Becky and Millie Packer sang a duet and they sounded pretty darn good! At 3 p.m. Jill our Administrator presented Becky with a gift, flowers and cake. She thanked Becky for her 28 years of service to this facility. Friends, residents and family enjoyed cake and coffee and wished her the best. Lee Ann and Violet helped residents and guest all afternoon.

On Tuesday morning after devotions, current events and exercise, dinner, and Rex Class the residents gathered in the square to play Bingo. Eileen, Linnea and Veda were here to help. Happy Hour opened after Bingo. Many residents stayed to just kick back and relax.

On Wednesday morning retired Pastor Barb Koch led the Church service. She played the guitar and sang along with the hymns. Mary, Veda and Linnea were here to lend a helping hand where needed. Wednesday after noon the Square was full of lively residents anxious to play Bean Bags Toss. We toss filled frog bags. The shape is like a frog not filled with frogs. The highest scores were accomplished by Agnes Harvey, Jane Schmock and Jerry Patrow.

On Thursday morning many residents enjoyed a game of volleyball, which is one of their favorite pastimes. After dinner a quieter activity brought residents to the Square. Quilting! The quilts are started by the circle at New Hope Lutheran of Sand Creek church, brought to our facility to have residents tie the quilts and returned to the church where they are shipped to people all over the world, some of whom don’t even have a roof over their heads, much less a warm quilt to sleep under.

On Friday morning Glen and Delores, and Julie were here to have a gospel sing. The Dime Bingo game in the afternoon was sponsored by the Ladies from Saint John’s Church Cook’s Valley. They helped resident during bingo and brought delicious treats.

That is just some of the news here in the land of Colfax where the men are anxious for deer hunting season in 10 days and the women are counting the days until Thanksgiving so they can cook all day and while everyone is watching the games and resting after her great meal, she too can relax and casually clean up the kitchen before they want to eat again.