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Fundraising group formed to assist Glenhaven with financial needs

GLENWOOD CITY — A group of local people has been formed to assist Glenhaven with the financial needs to equip and furnish the new facility.

The group has been challenged with the chore of raising some $700,000 to complete the new facility. Glenhaven has already raised nearly $100,000 and it has been promised a matching fund gift from an anonymous donor of up to $100,000, if the group can match that before December 25.

Back when a nursing home was first brought to the attention of the community the following was printed in the Glenwood City Tribune as the first fund-raiser suggestion to the public. We reprint it for the enjoyment of our readers and hope everyone will join in and help the group meet the goal.

The following was printed on November 14, 1957:

I walked into the office of Glenhaven, Inc.,
To pledge my share for the home that is contemplated,
The office crew was busy, so I sat in a chair
My mind started wondering as I looked in the air,
I thought of the time I would be there.
I could see Ike Lauber and his dog Pat
Going for a walk, just getting his hat.
Sitting talking to a friend was Rivard too,
Telling of the skiing he used to do.
The friend was DeWitt, he really had fun
Attending the World Series when the Braves won.

And there too was Rev. Fox going to make a call
On a friend that was ill down the hall.
Joe Hellmer was there with his pal Ted
Telling of the hunting shack they once had.
Helen Ross, of her high bowling score she spake
And the day she broke the window with the handle of the rake.

Rev Enser was sitting there typing real fast
Mary Flottum too, writing a book of the past.
Russ Meyer was there walking about
Telling when fishing of catching a trout.
Mike DeSmith with a casting rod as shiny as glass
Just getting it ready to catch some more bass.
Mike Heiss was there too, with pencil and pad,
His construction days over, but he’s helping a lad.
The lad is a fellow you all know,
His grandfather was a barber for years in a row.
Rose Obermueller says her hands look a sight
Comes from running the Linotype half through the night.

Sep was there too, telling his tale
Sitting by the window waiting for the mail.
Standing by the table was Sophie Pierce with delight
Helping Gale frost the cake we are having tonight.
Marvin Teigen was around looking real shy
With frosting on his finger as the cake went by.

And out in the kitchen, Marjorie was making the coffee,
And helping with goodies was Laura and Dorothy.
We are celebrating HIS birthday and to help it along
Leon and Chester broke out with a song.
The house was lighted and filled with glee
Christmas is just as much fun as it used to be.

With all these people here—I thought
We need more room than we have bought.
Then came a voice saying, “Can I help you sir?”
I looked up at him as though he weren’t there.
From my chair and dreams, I stepped to the floor
Saying “Yes sir, make my pledge a little more.”
I’ve lived in Glenwood City for years and a day
There’s no place in the world I’d rather stay.
As the years pass by and I’m old and alone
I know that Glenhaven will be my home.