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Season ends at home for the Lady Bulldogs

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE — For the second year in a row now the Lady Bulldogs had their season ended by the Unity team. The Eagles won in three sets last Tuesday night while playing in Boyceville.

The Eagles’ victory advanced them to the second round of Regional play, which was against Colfax on last Thursday.

The Bulldogs lost their match in three sets with final scores of 25-15, 25-17 and 26-24.

They scored the first point to start the match, but quickly the Eagles tied things up at 4-4. They took  lead at  4-7 before McKenzie Schultz landed a solo block for a point.

Erica Sempf got the Bulldogs first kill of the night, which put the score at 7-11. The Eagles kept landing attacks and soon they were up 8-16 before Madysn Riek got the ball back with a kill.

Cassie Malean landed two consecutive kills, which was a momentum boost to the team. Then Abby Lorenz hit with her first of the night followed by a second by Riek, which put the score at 14-20.

The Eagles powered through however and won the game on an attack attempt that fell out of bounds by the Bulldogs.

In the second set, the Eagles started with the first point, but Riek answered back with a kill. She had another kill and then followed up with an ace to put her team up 7-5.

Brooklyn Hellmann served some lasers and she got herself an ace to put the team at 10-8 and then Malean followed with two kills to give the Bulldogs a three point lead of 13-10.

The Eagles caught up and tied the set at 15’s before they shot ahead to 22-17. The Bulldogs got the ball back, but the point quickly turned to the Eagles.

A lift was called against the Bulldogs for the final point, which gave the Eagles their second win.

The Bulldogs pulled themselves together in the third set and they looked to take the win after leading by six points, but once the Eagles caught up and took a lead at 19-18 the game changed.

The Bulldogs started on top with a kill by Malean and Schultz and then it was Malean again followed by Riek for a lead of 13-7.

Riek landed a solo block for a point and then turned a kill, which put the score at 17-15 before the Eagles took over.

The Bulldogs kept fighting and tied the score at 21’s and then 22’s with a Riek kill. Schultz landed her last tip of her volleyball career to give her team a lead of 23-22.

The Bulldogs were scrambling on the court and sliding all over the place to keep the ball alive and in play by now, which kept the score tied at 23’s and then at 24’s.

The ball however took a bad bounce on the block and fell to the floor for the final point in the Eagles’ favor, which ended the Bulldogs run in the Regional tournament.

The Bulldogs finished 7-2 this season with a loss to Colfax and Elk Mound in the conference, which put the third in the D-SC.

Overall this season they were 15-6, which included a seven game winning streak on their record.