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In Memoriam – Marlow Burton – 10-29-2014

In memory of Marlow Burton
September 12, 1957-October 22, 1976.

He was a young man
Of very great might
Arms like steel bands
And Jesus in sight,
Would wrestle them down
So the team would win
He got not a crown
Yet would not give in.
Colleges pleaded
They would pay his way
He’s what they needed
In wrestling today,
They held up his hand
And the crowd did cheer
Second in the land
His very first year
Anemia stopped
What few men could do
The blood that was robbed
Brought down one so true
On hospital bed
In great pain he did lie
He whispered to his Dad,
“Take me home to die”
This is a poem that was written by his friend Jim Benitz the year after Marlow died of Aplastic Anemia.