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St. Croix County Recycling offers free event recycling bins

It was 25 years ago in 1989 that Wisconsin’s mandatory recycling law came into being.   It is arguably one of the most popular governmental programs in the state.  Surveys taken since the mid-1990’s have consistently demonstrated a household compliance rate of 95%, and recently, over 90% of state residents told pollsters they are satisfied with how recycling is done in Wisconsin.

Community recycling programs in the state now collect close to 500,000 tons of recyclables annually, and many more tons are collected through private business efforts.  In addition to households, most of the state’s businesses are also recycling.

Despite the success of recycling in our homes and businesses, one area where recycling is more challenging is at special events, including sports competitions, community festivals, private picnics, and private celebrations like wedding receptions and graduation parties.

In order to increase special event recycling, St. Croix County purchased recycling bins two years ago that are specifically designed to be used in public venues.  This effort was made possible through the donations of the following partners:  St. Croix County Fair; St. Croix Electric Cooperative; Pepperfest; St. Croix Alliance of Sportsman’s Clubs; Hudson Boosters; and Xcel Energy.

The recycling program currently owns forty (40) bins.  They are available for use free of charge!  In addition, the county also provides with each bin two free plastic bags that are designed specifically to fit these units.  Additional bags are available for purchase in rolls of ten for $5.00.  Borrowers must sign a rental agreement and place a security deposit for each bin reserved – the deposit is returned immediately upon the return of the bins.

Drip trays are available for 5 of the bins for use in indoor settings where there is a concern that a bag might leak.

For more information, contact the St. Croix County recycling program at 715-531-1930.