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Glenwood City School District has increase in resident students

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – After the third Friday count, the number of resident students is estimated at 766 for the 2014-15 school year.

As of last September’s third Friday count, there were 748 resident students, which shows an definite increase for the start of the school year.

According to Superintendent Tim Johnson, there are eight less students in the district than projected overall, which means a decrease in state aid. However, seven less students open enrolled out than predicted, which almost balances the difference.

The open enrolled out number is 18 more than the open enrolled in and for a total, there are 61 student out and 43 in.

With those figures, the newest predictions on equalized valuation show a .4 percent decrease for the school district, which works out to around a two or three percent increase on the mill rate.

The Board members also heard positive news from Administrator Dana Maney. She reported that the District ranked fifth in their CESA district out of 35 and Glenwood City is 67th out of 425 schools in the state of Wisconsin.

There is a wide variety of tests done and many hours spent by the students doing them, which gives the District those assessments.

President Charles Rasmussen applauded the administrators and the staff for their hard work and ability to continually improve and enhance the District.

The Board also heard from President Rasmussen’s sister, Sally Berkholder. She gave a presentation on behalf of the Glenwood Area Historical Society about the “Honor and Remember” flag.

This is a flag that Wisconsin has adopted and it has specific meanings for each color and symbol and there are certain criteria as to when it can be flown and where it can be placed.

For example, it must sit underneath the American flag and if there is a POW MIA flag, it sits under both of those.

The flag can not be bigger in size than the American flag, but can be the same or smaller.

The mission of the flag according to the Honor and Remember website, is “to create, establish and promote a nationally recognized flag that would fly continuously as a visible reminder to all Americans of the lives lost in defense of our national freedoms. All military lives lost not only in action, but also in service, from our nation’s inception.”

After the presentation, Berkholder shared that the Historical Society would like the Board to accept an Honor and Remember flag as a gift to the District.

This flag would be flown on the flag pole by the football field and track where the memorial pavers are and where the monument and bench will soon be placed.

The Board unanimously approved this gift as it was listed in the Consent Agenda.

Other items approved included the hiring of Karen Peterson as a Special Education Para Professional aide and Cindy Fouks as a support staff substitute.

The Board approved a donation of $951.54 from the Glenwood City Knights of Columbus and the eighth grade field trip was approved as well.