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Online access to meeting material and live streaming of St. Croix County meetings

In 2012, in an effort to improve civic engagement and transparency in local government, St. Croix County, under the leadership of County Administrator, Patrick Thompson and the County Board entered into a service agreement with IQM2 (now ACCELA) to implement intelligent meeting management.

The IQM2/ACCELA meeting management software product includes two modules implemented by the County:

1. Minute Traq – access to meeting materials via the internet

2. Media Traq – live video streaming of meetings via the internet

The first module, Minute Traq went live at the July 2012 County Board meeting. Minute Traq enables access to meeting agendas and materials prior to the meeting via the internet. Before the implementation of Minute Traq, committee members received paper copies of meeting materials via US mail or staff delivery and the agendas (only) were available to the public via local media outlets. Full meeting materials are now accessible via the St. Croix County meeting portal at improving access to meeting materials for the public and reducing the use of paper. Via the meeting portal, anyone can create a user account and sign up to be notified via email when committee agendas and meeting packets are issued.

County Board Room improvements were necessary for the implementation of Media Traq which allows meetings to be streamed live over the internet (with up to a 30 second delay). New video recording cameras and broadcast equipment as well as additional  monitors and screens for the public and County Board Supervisors were installed. The sound system in the County Board room was also updated. The seating in the County Board room was redesigned, removing the fixed platform and County Board Supervisor seating to allow for portable tables with power for laptops and other devices now commonly used during meetings. The portable tables also allow for multiple meeting set ups including large classroom style trainings for staff.

County Board meetings have long been video recorded by City of Hudson owned, River Channel and were available for broadcast post-meeting. River Channel representatives collaborated in the planning of the County Board room equipment upgrade and continue to record the County Board meetings. With the implementation of Media Traq, the River Channel broadcast is now streamed live to the internet and additional meetings are now being recorded/streamed live including, Administration Committee, Community Development Committee, Health and Human Services Board and Public Protection. The first County meeting streamed live over the internet was the April 2014 orientation session of the newly elected County Board. Access to meeting recordings is available via the meeting portal at; Check them out!

St. Croix County Meeting Portal: or you can visit the St. Croix County website ( and click ‘Agendas and Minutes’ on the top left.

Please provide any questions or feedback to Kristen Ziliak, Management Analyst, 715-381-4302,