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Earn cash from Gold’n Plump for your school

MINNEAPOLIS – All Glenwood City area schools and Ormson’s SuperValu Foods, are working together to earn donations from the Gold’n Plump® brand of deli rotisserie chicken.  Gold’n Plump rotisserie chicken has joined other consumer brands to help schools pay for enrichment activities like arts, technology, athletics and other extras.

School label redemption programs give back more than $90 million to 70,000 cash-strapped schools every year.  Until now, all of these require someone to trim, sort and count the physical box tops, soup labels and milk caps and ship them back to the manufacturer to be tallied.  This time-consuming chore invariably falls to parent volunteers.

Minnesota-based Gold’n Plump is the first poultry provider to join a program, and it is the first to work with the Labels 2 Learn website to redeem its donations online.

“We are very sympathetic to the busy mom, especially during the school year,” said Rory Bidinger, brand advocacy and marketing manager for Gold’n Plump.  “We think this is an excellent way to express our brand’s commitment to healthy families, thank our current customers for their loyalty, and attract new customers.”

“The rotisserie chicken is an excellent solution to what we call the ‘dinner crunch’ … that frenzy between after-school activities and after-supper activities when mom – or dad – has to get supper on the table,”  he said.  Bidinger says he and his wife, who have young children themselves, know first-hand about the challenges facing the family schedule.  “We want a supper solution that’s convenient, hot, healthy and a great value.  A deli rotisserie chicken is perfect – and now our customers can help us send money to their kids’ schools, too.”

The Cash Code printed on specially marked sleeves can be redeemed online for twenty cents.  “Anyone can do it for any school,” Bidinger said.  “No registration is required, and it just takes a few seconds to make a difference.  Those 20-cents add up quickly.”

Redeem Cash Code at

More than $800,000 in donations to schools is available, and the promotion runs throughout the school year.

“Most schools must plead for extra cash,” says Brad Thompson, president of Minneapolis-based Labels 2 Learn, “because virtually all of their budget is earmarked for mandated programs, personnel and facility maintenance.   Twenty percent of all schools hold six or more fundraising events per year, and most of the rest are holding three or four – that’s exhausting for everyone.”

Thompson foresees a future where most brands use an online platform to reward and build loyalty for proof-of-purchase because “it is an excellent use of the marketing budget.  This breaks through the noisy media clutter and engages mom through a cause she cares passionately about.”

About Gold’n Plump® 
Gold’n Plump® is distributed nationally by St. Cloud, MN-based GNP Company – a family-owned provider of premium branded and custom chicken products to retail, deli and foodservice customers.  The company employs about 1,600 people and partners with nearly 350 family farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin to produce wholesome, high-quality chicken. To learn more about the Gold’n Plump brand and its products, as well as find great recipes, visit

About Labels 2 Learn
Labels 2 Learn enables Gold’n Plump and other consumer brands to financially support K-12 schools. Products that carry L2L Cash Codes can be redeemed for cash at with a smartphone, barcode scanner or computer. L2L donations are unrestricted, and 100% of the donation amount is paid directly to participating schools. Thank you for helping to fund great school experiences for our kids!