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Protesters gather to ask city to reconsider mine issue

GLENWOOD CITY — Over forty people gathered at the Community Center late Monday afternoon to form a protest group in an attempt to have the city council reverse their decision over the proposed frac mining.

According to a news release from the Glenwood City Citizens for Legal and Ethical Representation, “it has been two long years of battle as we make one final push to prevent an open-air sand mine from being built within city limits.”

Outside the Community Center the group heard several speakers discuss what they see as the damages of the mining of frac sand. They listened to Heather Anderson from New Auburn, Wisconsin talk about the operating sand mines around her Chippewa County community. She spoke about the hundreds of diesel-powered trucks that travel the roads and the movement of trains, all carrying sand.

Deanna Schone of Glenwood City read a correspondence she received from an attorney she said a small group had hired, which indicated that the city council still could back out of the agreement that has been made with Vista Sand. She indicated that the company has not yet signed the agreement. Several questioned the integrity of the company since it has been learned that its former CEO has been jailed in Texas on child sexual assault charges.

The group proceeded from the Community Center to the City Hall to fill the room to capacity before the regular City Council meeting began. After the opening of the meeting and the approval of the minutes, Mayor John Larson opened the “Public Comments” portion of the meeting by allowing those who signed that they wished to speak, could do so. But, the mayor warned, there “will be no dialog on the matter.” Those who wished to speak, did, and talked about the ills that may befall the residents, if the sand mine is opened. Schone referred to the letter from the attorney and asked the council to reconsider the agreement.

After listening to those protesters for about half an hour, the council moved onto other business.