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Liquor license approved in Town of Springfield

By Kelsie Hoitomt

SPRINGFIELD – What was previously called the Hersey Cave, is now the Gypsy Hideout, which will open in September after the Springfield Township approved the liquor, beer and operator licenses for the establishment at Monday night’s meeting.

The owner whose name is on the liquor license is Rosemary P. Wedam with operator licenses approved from Candace L. Johnson, Jennifer J. Janourek, Kelly J. Berger and previous Gypsy Road Saloon owner, Valerie M. Ziegler-Peterson.

The Gypsy Road Saloon in the Village of Wilson recently closed and new owners, Don and Patty Larson took over and opened as the Shady Rest after approval by the Village Board.

At the August meeting, it was brought up that there was currently no noise ordinance in Springfield. And with a tavern possibly coming to town, it was suggested that the Board create an ordinance.

The Board members listened to the suggestion and Ordinance #2014-03 Loud and Unnecessary Outdoor Noise was created and approved.

In other business, a motion was made by Brian Mahoney and seconded by President Bill Reusch to cash in the equipment CD for $30,019.46, which will come due on October 8, 2014. This is to be used for roadwork and replaced in the 2015 budget.

On the list of roadwork to be done is the completion of 110th Avenue. The road was partially finished last year at a cost of $68,141.44 and it will be finished and paved this year at a cost of $130,915.06.

The extra money needed is going to go towards the crack fill on other roads in the township as well as brush cutting.

Also approved were the following:

• Eliminating Impact Fees of $300 and adding that to the new building fee of $120 for a total of $420 for new construction.

• The raising of a special meeting charge to $100. The raising of building permits for a new mobile home from $60 to $100. And the raising of dog tag fees from $3 and $8 to $5 and $10.