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Bulldogs win by 30 over Flambeau in season opener

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – One year later the Boyceville Bulldogs are back on the gridiron to face off against the Flambeau Falcons and the outcome was the same, a win but this time of 46-6.

The first quarter was an even battle between the two high school teams with the score set at 6-6 after Jared Maple threw a five yard pass to Rowdy Kochevar for the game’s first touchdown.

Three minutes later, the ball was sitting near the Boyceville end zone. Brady Schutts took the hand off from Hunter Anderson and carried the ball in for a 13 yard touchdown. 

The extra point was missed and the game was tied with 5:11 left in the first.

The Bulldogs would run the show from that point on with no further scores allowed in the Falcon’s end zone.

On the following drive, Jake Lake booted his second kick off straight through the end zone for a touchback, which put the Falcons on their own 20 yard line.

The defense held strong and brought the drive to fourth and 14 and sent the punt team on the field.

The Bulldogs started on their own 39 yard line and were brought to the 30 by Logan McAbee-Thomas and then Schutts got a first down.

Anderson connected with Brett Boda, which put them on the Falcons’ 45 and then two runs by McAbee-Thomas and a personal foul in their favor had the ball resting on the ten.

The second quarter started with the ball now on the five after an offsides call on the Falcons. McAbee-Thomas took the ball and charged into the end zone for the Bulldogs’ second touchdown with 11:46 on the clock.

The two-point conversion run was unsuccessful so the scoreboard read 12-6.

The first drive in the second quarter for the Falcons ended in a fourth and 15 with the ball on their own 11 yard line after a strong line shut them down quick.

Jordan Morse received the punt for the Bulldogs and then he hit the ground running again for the first down.

Anderson’s arm was flawless as he tossed the ball up to Boda for yet another first down. This put the ball on the 12 yard line and then it was McAbee-Thomas who carried it in for his second touchdown with 7:42 left in the half.

The two-point conversion was no good, but the Bulldogs were still up 18-6.

The Falcons’ next drive was cut short after Boda snagged the ball for the first interception of the game.

Anderson fired back and hit Schutts in the backfield and he took off on a 59 yard touchdown run. Lake hit the extra point and the Bulldogs were now up 25-6 with just under six minutes still left to play.

With 1:22 on the clock, the Bulldogs had the ball back in their possession on their own ten yard line after a fourth down conversion attempt by the Falcons failed.

Three plays and a bad snap later, the Bulldogs were at third down and 22 yards to go for the first down.

McAbee-Thomas brought it to fourth and six and then Anderson connected with Tyler Draeger, but the first half ended too soon.

Schutts fielded the kick return to the 48 yard line to start the second half. Anderson hit Mitch Leach and then Boda for a first down on the Falcons’ 20.

McAbee-Thomas carried the ball for a six yard gain and then a flag on the Falcons moved them up to the ten.

Anderson then found Leach in the end zone for a ten yard touchdown pass for the first score of the second half. Lake’s extra point was good, which put the score at 32-6 at 9:49.

Three plays into the Falcons’ following drive, the ball landed in the Bulldog’s hands after a fumble was recovered.

Four plays later, the Bulldogs were sitting at fourth and 15 with the ball on the 18 so Lake attempted to hit his first field goal, but was unsuccessful.

The Falcons were forced to punt on their next sequence after the quarterback was sacked by Lake and then a pass fell incomplete.

That put Boyceville on the 22 yard line after the punt fell short. McAbee-Thomas ran the ball to the 16 and then he carried it in for the touchdown. Lake knocked in the extra point again for a 39-6 lead.

The Falcons failed on the fourth down attempt so the Bulldogs took over on their own 43. Morse, Anderson and Sam Hellmann carried the ball to the 26 with Hellmann getting the first down before the fourth quarter started.

Morse then ran the ball to the 11 for another first down and then took it a step further into the end zone for his first touchdown of the game.

Lake hit his final extra point of the game to put the score at 46-6 with 11:02 still left to play.

With the Bulldogs up by 30, the clock began to run. The Bulldogs recovered another fumble, which led them to punt however in that sequence.

The game ended with Jake McIntyre ending the Falcon’s final drive with an interception, which put the Bulldogs on the 25 yard line as the clock ticked down to zero.

“For our first game we played solid on both sides of the ball,” said coach Brian Roemhild. “Offensively it was the first time in a long time that we were very balanced in the running and passing game.  Defensively we played fast with all eleven guys flowing to the ball.”

The Bulldogs finished their first game of the season with a total of 254 rushing yards and 201 receiving yards.

McAbee-Thomas led the team in rushing with 91 yards and Morse had 80. Schutts followed with 21, Anderson had 20, Hellmann had 14, Draeger had eight, Justin Malean had seven, Hunter Lipke had six and Gavin Olson had one.

Schutts also had 67 yards of receiving, Draeger followed with 52, Boda had 49, Hellmann had 18 and Leach had 15.

Anderson completed 11 out of 14 passes for the total of 201 yards and two touchdowns.

The Bulldogs are back at home this Friday, August 29. They will host Lake Holcombe/Cornell with kick off at 7:00 p.m.