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Get official: Use for authorized forms and information

Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) have had reports of documents seemingly from DMV but are, in fact, from marketers.

Serving our customers high quality and accurate information is an absolute standard for us,” said Kristina Boardman, DMV deputy administrator. “We are very concerned when Wisconsin’s citizens are duped by unofficial websites or marketers who present misinformation or misrepresent us.”

Online, the official DMV site,, will always have the .gov extension. Unofficial web sites with .org or .com may have information that looks like Wisconsin DMV but may also charge for forms that are free on the official .gov site. Private, for-profit sites will not contain .gov. “Remember, paying for forms is not the norm; forms at the DMV are always free,” Boardman added.

While these unofficial sites are not illegal and may have disclaimers, web browsing citizens may not notice. “Added fees, unexpected charges, inaccurate information or unofficial and unacceptable forms leave Wisconsin residents frustrated so we want to alert them before they get stuck. Look for .gov,” Boardman said.

What also looks official on paper also might not be. “The DMV will never mail anything that tries to sell extended vehicle warranties, recall notices, etc.,” Boardman noted. “That’s not from the DMV.”

However, under Wisconsin law, the DMV must provide information from its records to requesters. These may include companies that write or renew insurance policies, offer vehicle safety recall notifications, even represent some law enforcement activities.

DMV customers can withhold their names from such requests by completing and returning the Request to Withhold Name and Address form (the “Opt-Out” form, MV 3592). This form is available online by clicking this ‘Opt Out’ link ( or through the, entering Opt Out in the search bar. Forms may also be obtained at any DMV service center. Return the form to any DMV service center or mail it to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, PO Box 7983, Madison, WI 53707-7983.