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Vista Sand Co-Owner sentenced to prison

GLENWOOD CITY – According to the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office in Waxahachie, Texas, a Roger Sikes, age 34, is listed as being incarcerated for 49 days now after being booked at 10:24 p.m. on June 30, 2014.

 The picture included on the inmate search is in fact the “RJ” Sikes that is a co-owner of Vista Sand that is located in Granbury, TX.

Sikes has been charged with child sexual assault and indecency with a child sexual contact, with both charges having a disposition of four years.

A second charge of indecency with a child sexual contact was dismissed with the arresting agency listed as the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office for all three.

The allegations and charges are currently being further investigated by the Tribune Press Reporter.

A statement from Vista Sand reads as follows:

“RJ Sikes is on permanent leave from Vista Sand as a result of issues in his personal life. The circumstances surrounding his departure remain personal and have always been separate from and outside the scope of his employment with the company. Vista Sand is moving forward and as a result, RJ Sikes no longer has any decision making role or authority with Vista Sand.”

“In conjunction with the remaining ownership group, Chief Operating Officer Joe McKie will make the daily operational decisions for Vista Sand.”

“Joe McKie has extensive experience with successful sand mining operations in Wisconsin and Texas. Mr. McKie previously worked as both the Interim Head of Operations and Chief Financial Officer of Superior Silica Sands and he played an active role in hiring the senior management team currently in place at Superior.”

“Through McKie’s experience, Vista Sand is committed to creating community partnerships, and providing long-term jobs through responsible, environmentally-sound mining.”