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A nationwide traffic enforcement effort on I-90 and I-94 produces positive results in WI

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Division of State Patrol joined law enforcement agencies from 14 other states in increasing patrols on I-90 and I-94 between Washington state and New York—more than 5,600 miles of highway—for the I-90/94 Challenge from August 1 to 4.

 Wisconsin had zero fatalities on I-90 and I-94 during the four-day Challenge.

Over the past three years, the nationwide I-90 and I-94 corridors have averaged 524 total crashes, 136 injury crashes and three fatal crashes. National results for the I-90/94 Challenge will be released in the near future.

The initiative was part of the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s efforts to reduce the number of traffic deaths in the United States this year by 15 percent.

In addition to the State Patrol, other Wisconsin law enforcement agencies mobilized for high-visibility enforcement on the two interstates.

Preliminary data by the Wisconsin State Patrol for the I-90/94 Challenge included the following:

• Fatalities—0

• Traffic stops—1,636

• Seat belt and child safety restraint citations and written warnings issued—71

• Drunken driving arrests—14

• Drug-related arrests—4

• Total number of written warnings and traffic citations issued—2,946

“Our goal during the I-90/94 Challenge and throughout the year is not to write more tickets. We’re striving to increase voluntary compliance with traffic laws and improve drivers’ behavior and decision-making,” says State Patrol Lt. Col. Brian Rahn, director of the Bureau of Field Operations. “But when voluntary compliance fails, we take appropriate enforcement actions.”

The Wisconsin State Patrol reminds all drivers that although the Challenge period has ended, safe and attentive driving should be a year-round goal.