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DMV expands hours for haulers of oversize loads

As of August 1, motor carriers with a permit for hauling oversize/overweight (OSOW) loads on Wisconsin’s roadways have more time to operate.

Two newly-revised Wisconsin Administrative Rules (TRANS 254 and 255) effective August 1, 2014 expand the times of day OSOW vehicles can operate on state highways including the Milwaukee County Expressway. The expanded times are more in line with neighboring states and will better accommodate the movement of freight. The easing of restrictions is supported by current travel data and will give shippers more options to more efficiently move loads at the times they are most needed.

Depending on the county and whether the OSOW vehicle is large or small, some restrictions still exist, particularly if it is a peak travel time like a summer weekend or a holiday.

More information about the revised Administrative Rules and expanded times can be found at and also at