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Corbin’s Closet opens Wednesday in Glenwood City

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – Corbin’s Closet is a place where gently used clothing and household items are made available for those who are in need.

“Maybe they have had a house fire, have had to start over for whatever reason or have just fallen on hard times and need a helping hand to make it over the bump in the road,” said Lisa Lovgren, founder of Corbin’s Closet.

Over the past eight months, Lisa along with her husband Jay, children Ben and Crysta, grandson Gavin as well as family members Iris and Jerry Lomnes, Pat and Cheryl Cline, Dorothy Lovgren and special family friends, Kayla Hanson and Sue Westphal have been working to design a space to house the items.

The idea for Corbin’s Closet generated from the Lovgrens’ desire to Pay It Forward after the community had helped them over the years in various situations.

The name Corbin’s Closet holds a special place in the family’s heart as well. It was Lisa who stumbled upon a Facebook group called “Prayers for Corbin”, which was created in support for baby Corbin who was born seven weeks early with a rare disorder called Trisomy 13.

Lisa shared that she does not know the family personally, but their story compelled her to show support for “Team Corbin”.

The closet is located in the family’s upper portion of their barn, which once stored hay and other equipment just a few short months ago.

Now, the space is filled with donated items that includes movies, games, toys, some electronics and clothes sizes birth to adult 4 XL.

“There is no charge for the items we offer, but we ask that you Pay It Forward by sorting items or stocking shelves at Corbin’s Closet,” said Lovgren. “We also ask that if you or your child have gently used clothing that you are no longer able to wear, that you donate them for the next family.”

Lisa also suggested that people stop by the closet on a need basis and not a want.

The Lovgrens live on the outskirts of town near Blue Sky Drive at 827 3rd Street.

Corbin’s Closet will officially open its doors to the public on Wednesday, July 23 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. It will then be open every Wednesday following that from 4-7.

The family wants to remind the public that the space is in a barn and to use caution before visiting if there are any hay allergies, etc.