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Rain delays putting a halt on the racing season

By Kelsie Hoitomt

With there finally being decent weather this past Saturday, the track was open for a full night of racing at Cedar Lake Speedway.

The night saw Buddy Hanestad of Boyceville lead in the Hornet race ahead of Jess Seim and Bill Voeltz of Glenwood City with a total of 15 cars in the event.

The night ended with the Late Model feature, which saw Rick Hanestad finish in eighth out of a total of 22 cars. He ran in second behind Darrell Nelson during the heat race and then out ran him in the feature. 

That is the first time in nearly a month that the Hanestads have been able to get on the track in New Richmond as rain has delayed the weekend festivities.

The last weekend was on June 21 and Rick ran second again in his heat and then was able to work his way to third in the feature. He finished behind Jake Redetzke and Brent Larson.

As for Buddy, he again finished first in the Hornet, but he was kept in check by Voeltz who placed second. Both racers were first in there heat races.

Brent Voeltz was also on the track that night in his Midwest Mod for one of his first showings of the season. He finished in the middle of pack in 13th out of 26.

Aside from Saturday’s events, the racers were also busy in Menomonie at the Red Cedar Speedway over the past two weeks.

There was a month off due to rain and then the fourth of July holiday, but the dirt was back to flying on Friday, July 11.

The entire Hanestad family of racers was on the track with Ron also joining in his Street Stock.

He finished second in the 15 lap feature behind Adam Soltis after placing third in the heat behind Soltis and Sam Fankhauser.

There was some action on the track during the Late Model feature, which caused some damage to Rick’s car and put him second to last place after finishing first in his heat.

As for Buddy, he ran away with another track victory, finishing first ahead of Jeremy Johnson in the ten lap feature.

Buddy and Rick both had their cars ready to race this past Friday (July 18), but due to events running behind schedule, the curfew hit and the races were postponed until this Friday, July 25.