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Springfield Township votes to stay with County Zoning – 7-16-2014

By Kelsie Hoitomt

At last month’s meeting, members on the Town of Springfield Board decided on a 2 to 1 vote to stay with County Zoning instead of removing themselves from such.

At this month’s meeting, which was held Monday, Board President Bill Reusch, who would like to see the Township get out of county zoning, said that he would like to see the June vote rescinded.

According to the unapproved meeting minutes, Jay Verhulst from the Foundation for Common Sense gave a presentation as he was involved in the process of developing the Town of Springfield Coordination Land Use Plan.

After further presentation on the differences, pros and cons, and options between County Zoning and no County Zoning, the floor was opened to discussion.

There were 26 people in attendance at the meeting, not counting the Board members.

After all was said and done, Brian Mahoney and Jim Mahoney both stated that they would not change their votes from the June 9 meeting, which was that of staying with County Zoning.

Reusch felt that the planning committee ok’d the wrong map and he stated that he would not sign the Resolution until the Planning Commission meets again to go over the map.

Members of the planning committee are Rudy Erickson, Brian Mahoney, Frank Griffen, Warren Benson and Reusch himself.

Prior to that discussion, a motion was made and approved to pay $18,841.73 for bills. Then a discussion was had on whether or not to borrow money, which will fund road projects and maintenance. That was tabled to the September meeting.