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New seats taken at the Board of Education table

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – Taking a new seat at the head of the table next to Board President, Charles Rasmussen, was Superintendent Tim Johnson.

He along with High School/Middle School Principal, Patrick Gretzlock were welcomed with open arms at their new seats at Glenwood City’s Board of Education table.

 The meeting kicked off with a presentation on project updates in the kitchen and elementary.

Elementary Principal, Betsy Haltinner shared pictures of the newly installed kitchen kettle and skillet, which both hold 40 gallons of water. New floors drains were also constructed for underneath both pieces of equipment.

Haltinner did state that further action is going to be needed on the state of the floor in the kitchen due to several cracks in the concrete.

Three options were presented to the Board on solutions to fix the problem including doing a re-broadcast of new epoxy over the whole area, which was highly suggested.

The Board felt that option three, which was using a new product to re-do the entire area instead of just sealing the cracks was necessary to look into.

The Board eventually agreed to approved up to $14,600 to install new flooring in the kitchen, which would provide enough money to go with the more extensive option three or to go with the latter.

After that motion was completed, Haltinner shared a few more pictures of the new carpet at the entrances in the elementary as well as the new blue and white tile in the classrooms.

Lastly in her report, she requested to have a Fund 60 account created as a Student Activity Account-Parent Teacher Committee. There is currently a bank account set up for this, but the motion was to transfer funds over to the school.

The Board approved the account, which is where a $1,146 donation from Box Tops for Education will go.

Gretzlock followed with his first report as a Board member. He also requested to have a Fund 60 account set up for the Class of 2019, which is the incoming 8th grade class; the motion was approved.

Aside from the Administrator reports, the Personnel and Negotiations committee shared that the 2014-15 Health Benefits remain the same as the previous year, but there is an almost nine percent increase, however the Board did budget for more than that.

The 2014-15 Dental Benefits renewal had a 20 percent increase. Discussion was had on whether to find a new plan in the future or to require all staff to entertain a $10 co-pay for all visits, which would drop the rate to an 11 percent increase.

In other business, the Board approved the posting of a Title I and Reading Specialist position due to the resignation of Ellen Stabenow.

The Board did approved the hire of Amy Dopkins as a substitute teacher and para professional aide.

The Board also approved the posting for a Varsity track coach due to the resignation handed in by Matt Lamb; Bruce Kelm also resigned as an assistant coach.

A posting for a Middle School Volleyball coach will also be posted.

The Board approved the original proposal for the support staff retirement package.

The Board approved another donation for $510 from the Everwood Farmstead Foundation, which will go to the GC All School Musical Production.

Lastly the Board approved Tim Johnson to be the signee on the Hiawatha National Bank accounts and the Edwards Jones accounts.