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Meyer resigns as St. Croix County Clerk of Court

as printed in The Baldwin Bulletin in its July 8, 2014 issue

St. Croix County Clerk of Court Lori Meyer has resigned her position and will take the position of clerk administrator in Anoka County, Minnesota.

Meyer has been Clerk of Court for St. Croix County for the past 22 years. Before that she was employed an additional three years in the office.

The Anoka County position is not political and is appointive. That is one of the reasons she has resigned from the St. Croix County position: she does not relish the prospect of facing another election, even though she has had only two challengers in the 22 years she has been Clerk of Court, since 1992.

When Meyer started as the St. Croix County employee, there were two judges and the Clerk of Court’s office had 11 employees. There are now four judges and 16 employees of the Clerk of Court’s office.

In Anoka County Meyer will work with 17 judges and have a staff of 88. Anoka County has a population of approximately 380,000 compared to St. Croix County’s 85,000.

Meyer will take some vacation time before assuming her new position on August 1. The Clerk of Court’s Chief Deputy Kristi Severson will manage the office when Meyer leaves.