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Glenwood City High School welcomes administrative shift

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – As of July 1, 2014, new administrative roles in the Glenwood City School District have been made official.

Now, Tim Johnson is the Superintendent and Patrick Gretzlock is the new High School/Middle School Principal and Athletic Director.

 11 years later

Johnson has been with the school district since 2003, which is when he was hired to take on the role as Principal in place of Brad Jones.

Prior to Glenwood City, Johnson spent eight years in the Boyceville School District as a sixth grade teacher starting in 1995.

In that time he was also a football, track and basketball coach and then also an Assistant Principal for two years.

It was in 2001 that he completed his Master’s Degree through the University of Wisconsin-Superior, which led him to his first role as Principal two years later.

Over the past 11 years, Johnson has not only been the watchful eye over the High School/Middle School, but he has also worn several other hats.

He was the District Assessment Coordinator, the District Curriculum Coordinator, the Tech Coordinator and he also helped to over see the Athletic Department after Jim Celt retired from that role.

When asked what a day at school was like for him, his reply was it was “always different.”

In the mornings, he would make sure that the teacher coverage was taken care of and subs were called in if needed.

He would then take his first stroll around the building before diving into the daily professional learning communities, which is an open dialog with the staff on where improvements can be made and how they can continue to be better.

Throughout the day he would walk the halls and do classroom visits as well as teacher observations, which are mandatory and very time consuming.

Emails were checked, phone calls were answered, parents and students were spoken to and further staff and board meetings were attended routinely as well.

Amidst all of this, Johnson found time to finish his Education Specialist Degree last year, which is what qualifies an educator to become a Superintendent.

It was after he completed his degree that the position for Superintendent became available after the announcement that Tim Emholtz was retiring.

Tim shared that since he was a young child, being a Superintendent was always a dream of his. He just assumed it would happen later in his career, but things moved along much quicker over the past 15 years and it has all been greeted with joy on his end.

As Superintendent, Johnson said one plan of his is to emphasize on “community” this coming school year.

He has a goal of getting the community more involved with the school district through the help of an organized community task force.

That group would provide input on the school’s facilities and where improvements can be made and which upgrades should be a priority.

More personal interactions and surveys sent to families is a definite goal for the upcoming school year and the future.

Also in the works is a school social media name such as one on Twitter, that will keep parents and community members in the loop.

Following in terms of technology, managing the school website further and keeping that more current with school activities and game times is also a goal as well.

Those updates can be expected to be shared by the Athletic Director, which is now Patrick Gretzlock.

Welcoming a new face

Gretzlock has two years of being an Athletic Director under his shoes after he spent a year at the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser School District in 2013-14 and prior to that he was in Boyceville.

Last school year he was also the Assistant Principal as well for sixth through 12th grade and his main area of expertise was in Behaviors.

A typical day for him was spent canceling and rescheduling sporting events, especially throughout this past spring. Then the rest of the day he interacted with students on a disciplinary and behavioral level.

Pat said that he would see about six to ten students in a day on average and different problem areas would be discussed.

Those skills will be used in his new role as Principal along with the responsibility of overseeing curriculums, staff developments and assessments and managing budgets for teachers, classrooms, athletics, etc.

The coordinator roles that Johnson maintained during his time as principal have been dispersed to other administrative members, except for athletic responsibilities, which will go to Gretzlock.

Gretzlock graduated Cum Laude from the UW-Eau Claire in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a license to teach sixth through 12th grade social studies, geography, history, psychology and sociology.

He then completed his Master of Science Degree in Education from UW-River Falls in 2009, which brought him to the Boyceville school as he did his internship there and then started work in 2011.

Pat and Tim both shared that they are currently in the process of moving their families into the Glenwood City District and they are equally excited for the change and new career paths.

Pat and his wife Paula have three children, Genna (7), Drew (4) and Charlie (1).

Tim and his wife Tammy have two daughters, Jatelyn (8th grade) and Allaina (3rd grade).