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Lindow family holds reunion

On the beautiful Fourth of July, the Lindow family held their annual reunion at the Crosby home south of Glenwood.

Those attended were Velma Lindow, Felecia, Vandon and Keyna Otto and friend Rick all of Menomonie; Bob and Sandy Johnson of Hammond; Paul, Mary Kay, Katie and William Mahler of Hudson; Carmen, Cole Schara and friend Mitch, Cathy Quinn, Chrisy Quinn, Kevin, Amanda, Dillon and Ashley Hanson of Baldwin; Merlin and Anita Brooks, Milt and Carol Anderson, Rene, Devin and Payton Lee of Connorsville; Darrell, Pat, Hunter, Lexi and Jazmine of Knapp; Roger and June Hanson of Clear Lake; Bob and Sherry Crosby, Velma and Les Crosby of Glenwood.