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Andersons and Hanestads dominate Red Cedar Speedway

By Ed Reichert

MENOMONIE – If your last name wasn’t either Anderson or Hanestad, it was tough to find victory lane Friday night at the Red Cedar  Speedway. For the second straight Friday, brothers Travis and Mike Anderson won open wheel feature races while Uncle Ron and Nephew Buddy Hanestad won fendered class car main events also. In the other classes were neither family had a member racing, Ben Hillman and George Richards were also main event winners.

Mike Anderson went right to the front quickly in the Modified main event. After starting in the second row, he dove between front row starters Jay Richardson and Mark Hessler in the first corner. He got past Hessler but had a tense moment as he and Richardson came together briefly. However, they both corrected and Anderson went on to race Cory Williams for the lead.

They ran side by side for a couple laps before Anderson edged away and then gradually built up his lead as the event progressed. Williams was having his best run of the year as he maintained second and tried to track down Anderson while another Anderson(no relation), Ashley, moved into third.

Mike Anderson continued to motor away from the field as he danced along the concrete wall and drove home for his second straight win at Red Cedar. Williams completed a strong run in second with Ashley Anderson barely lasting to the line to finish third. A race long battle saw Brent Prochnow edge out Jake Hartung to complete the top five.

Travis Anderson made the move of the night when he drove up from the fourth row to win his second straight and third on the year Midwest Modified main event. Anderson had worked into the fifth spot on the opening lap as he found the high side to be the place to be. With a big head of steam going into turn three, he managed by the barest of margins to squeeze past Shane Halopka on the high side and with an incredible burst, fly past the four cars in front of him and take over the lead by the time the field reached turn one.

Anderson then expanded his lead as he raced the cushion with Halopka eventually getting past Nick Koehler and Jake Smeltzer to take over second. Grant Southworth was on the move from the fifth row also and he pulled into third and looked to challenge Halopka.

A yellow flag on lap eight bunched the field but Anderson took off on the green again and stretched his lead as Halopka tried to keep up. Travis was in no mood to have that happen though, as he pulled away from the pack and drove home for the win. Halopka tried the low groove late and he had to rush back to the top side to hold off Southworth for second with Koehler and Kerry Halopka finishing next in line.

The theme of the night was the high line and those that could find it and use it properly were successful. Such was the case for Ron Hanestad, who was chasing Adam Soltis and Sam Fankhauser until he discovered how fast the top side was. With that knowledge he closed in on the leaders and when Soltis slipped up out of the low groove, Fankhauser went low inside him and Hanestad went to the top to do the same. Using his momentum, he was able to power past Fankhauser also and take over the lead.

Sammy then tried to get past Hanestad by working under him, but the Glenwood City veteran would have none of it as he continued to ride the berm and keep his momentum up. Ron would encounter no problems the rest of the way as he raced home for his first win at Red Cedar. Behind Fankhauser and Soltis, Mike Knudtson and Danny Richards completed the top five.

It took Buddy Hanestad one half lap to go from fifth into the lead in the Hornet feature. After he managed to avoid a wall grinder on the back chute that eliminated two cars, it was clear sailing the rest of the way as he drove on for his second Red Cedar win of the year. Jeremy Johnson kept Buddy within range but could never provide a strong challenge as he raced home second and led William Voeltz, Mark McQuisten and Dean Butler across the finish line.

Hillman used the pole position to his advantage as he led from start to finish to take his first Super Stock win of 2014. In the early going, he was challenged by Eric Olson who raced wheel to wheel with him before Hillman edged away. Then Curt Myers moved into second and threw a series of challenges toward Hillman as Myers powered deep into the corners and tried to slide up in front of the leader. Several times Myers nearly pulled off the maneuver but each time Hillman would be him out of the corner.

Eventually Myers started to lose ground and he fell back several car lengths from the leader. From that point on, with no yellows to bunch the field, Hillman was home free as he drove on for the win over Myers and Olson. Mike Keller battled with Jason Forehand for nearly the entire race for position with Keller getting the nod at the line.

The Pure Stocks had a shuffling of the running order quickly in their main event and George Richards found the holes in the pack to race up from the third row to take over the lead. Once in front, Hunter VanGilder tried to track him down with Jeremy Dahl eventually moving into third. However, Richards had the race under control and he took home his second win of the year at Red Cedar. Randy Burton finished fourth while Jesse Bryan raced up from the back of the pack to round out the top five.

Next Friday night, June 20th, it will be Kid’s Club night at the track and the Relay at the Races will also be held. Sponsored by 24/7 Telcom and Pomp’s Tire, the Late Models will be welcomed back to action and the seven class program is scheduled to take the green flag at 7 p.m.


Red Cedar Speedway
Menomonie, WI
June 13, 2014


WISSOTA Modifieds

18 lap Feature – Mike Anderson (Colfax), Cory Williams (Spring Valley), Ashley Anderson (Elk Mound), Brent Prochnow (Colfax), Jake Hartung (Elmwood), Cory Mahder (Eau Claire), Mark Hessler (Menomonie), Scott Miller (Rice Lake), Dave Baxter (Eau Claire), Luke Schilling (Granton), Robbie Johnson, Jay Richardson

8 lap Heat 1 – Hartung, Richardson, Miller, Hessler, Baxter, Johnson

Heat 2 – M. Anderson, A. Anderson, Prochnow, Williams, Mahder, Schilling


WISSOTA Super Stocks

18 lap Feature – Ben Hillman (Menomonie), Curt Myers (Cameron), Eric Olson (Ladysmith), Mike Keller (Menomonie), Jason Forehand (Eau Claire), Luke Plank (Eau Claire), Wayne Harris Jr. (Bloomer), Tommy Richards (Mondovi), Jeff Brauer (Rochester MN), Tom Karis (Menomonie), Gunnar Watkins, Darrel Hazelton, Jin Cimfl, Curt Hazelton, Carl Ziebarth, Steve Thomas, Rick Hallquist, Jesse Redetzke

8 lap Heat 1 – Olson, Keller, Brauer, Harris Jr, Karis, Watkins, Thomas, C. Hazelton, Ziebarth

Heat 2 – Hillman, Richards, Forehand, Myers, Plank, D. Hazelton, Cimfl, Hallquist, Redetzke


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

15 lap Feature – Travis Anderson (Colfax), Shane Halopka (Greenwood), Grant Southworth (Bloomer), Nick Koehler (Bloomer), Kerry Halopka (Wheeler), Kyle Johnson (Eau Claire), Dylan Goettl (Chippewa Falls), Jake Smeltzer (Menomonie), Jason Richardson (Spring Valley), Josh Wahlstrom (Rice Lake), Karl Kolek, Shawn Wihren, Brent Voeltz, Nate Spence, Charlie Wihren, Colin Hazelton, James Green

8 lap Heat 1 – Johnson, Anderson, Smeltzer, Wahlstrom, C. Wihren, S. Wihren, Spence, Voeltz, Hazelton

Heat 2 – Koehler, K. Halopka, Goettl, S. Halopka, Southworth, Kolek, Richardson, Green


WISSOTA Street Stocks

15 lap Feature – Ron Hanestad (Glenwood City), Sam Fankhauser (Rice Lake), Adam Soltis (Ladysmith), Mike Knudtson (Osseo), Danny Richards (Mondovi), Danny Hanson (Alma), Jake Hanson (Downing), Derek Borchardt (Bay City), Kelly Knutson (Osceola)

8 lap Heat – Fankhauser, Soltis, Knudtson, D. Hanson, Hanestad, Richards, J. Hanson, Knutson, Borchardt


Pure Stocks

12 lap Feature – George Richards (Mondovi), Hunter VanGilder (Rice Lake), Jeremy Dahl (Knapp), Randy Burton (Menomonie), Jesse Bryan (Menomonie), Mike Grover (Chetek), Kent Harmon (Arkansas), Jay Barnier (Chippewa Falls), Brett Myers (Eau Claire), Tucker Quinn (Ladysmith), Krysta Swearingen, Cody Tisdale

6 lap Heat 1 – VanGilder, Swearingen (Little Canada, MN), Richards, Grover, Harmon, Barnier

Heat 2 – Bryan, Dahl, Quinn, Tisdale(Eau Claire), Myers



10 lap Feature – Buddy Hanestad (Boyceville), Jeremy Johnson (Elmwood), William Voeltz (Glenwood City), Mark McQuisten (Elk Mound), Dean Butler (Wheeler), Bill Greifzu (Spring Valley), Brad York (Colfax), Dan Prissel (Mondovi)

6 lap Heat 1 – Johnson, Hanestad, Voeltz, Greifzu, Rick Hoffman (Wheeler)

Heat 2 – McQuisten, York, Dillon Pronschinske (Eau Claire), Prissel, Butler