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School Board recognizes Emholtz for his ten years of service

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – To conclude the regular school board meeting, President Charles Rasmussen stood and gave praise to Tim Emholtz for his ten years of dedication and service to the Glenwood City School District.

Emholtz was presented with a buckle plaque by Rasmussen on behalf of the entire Board. Emholtz will be stepping down as Superintendent the end of this month and then as of July 1, 2014, Tim Johnson will assume the position.

Emholtz was given praise for his work on the budget. Ten plus years ago, the school district was borrowing over one million dollars in order to budget, but in the past three-four years the district has not had to borrow funds.

In his report, he shared that he feels comfortable with where both the 2013-14 and the 2014-15 budgets are sitting.

“The 2014-15 budget was not in a positive situation until the decision to not hire a teacher was made. Also the insurance figures came in at eight percent, however that has not been verified in writing yet. But that number is roughly four percent less than what was budged for,” said Emholtz.

So with those figures factoring in, next year’s budget is looking to be balanced as of now. However the only item still not determined yet is open enrollment.

With the issue of the sand mine, the school district has received several open enrollment- out request. Emholtz shared that he sent out a letter to the parents in the school district that hopefully addressed each of their concerns and answered questions.

He stated that as of now, three parents have called and spoken to him that received the letter and after further discussion, they decided to keep their child(ren) in the district for now.

Lastly in his report, Emholtz gave an update on the capital projects happening throughout the school and grounds.

As of now, the kitchen kettles have been taken out and scrapped and the new kettles have been brought in. The floor drains are still being waited on, but will hopefully arrive soon.

Next week the tile is scheduled to be installed in the elementary classrooms and now the choir room as the Board approved of that earlier in the meeting.

The boiler has been replaced and has been fired up as well. Bob Swanepoel said that he is just waiting to have it professionally tested to make sure everything is correct before it runs.

The fire doors by the Spanish room have been installed and are finished and the security doors are now operational as well.

The phone system throughout the district will be getting upgraded this week as well with additional lines installed. Roughly eight current lines will be increased to about 23.

The new lights in the locker room are nearly finished. Once those are installed, B&B Electric will move onto the light work that needs to be done outside by the football field/track.

Also outside, bids have been received for the shed that will go by the tennis court. A company has not been chosen yet, but the color scheme has been picked out and materials will be at the school shortly.

And lastly, asphalt work was supposed to be done by the elementary end, but that will not be able to be completed by June 30. Emholtz reminded the Board to not lose sight of this as it still needs to be done.

In other news, also officially stepping into a new position as of July 1 will be Donna Thompson as the new Community Education Director.

Johnson shared that there are also currently spots available on the Community Ed. Advisory Board.

New positions will also be taken throughout the Elementary next year due to the resignation of fifth grade teacher, Stephanie Briggs.

Nicole Brite will take over for her and then Kathy Heim will be in place at third grade and Holly Olson will then fill in for her in second. With those three shifting, Ann Goodrich will do a split course then and cover kindergarten and first.

Brigg’s resignation was one item approved in the consent agenda. The Board also approved the resignation of Special Education teacher, Billie Jo Stephens as well as the hire of Alyssa Mitchell as a cross categorical teacher.

Also in the consent agenda was the approval of a Literacy Grant through Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund in the amount of $9,090.

The Board approved an increase in lunch prices as well for the 2014-15 school year. Elementary prices will increase from $2.05 to $2.10 and Middle School/High School prices will increase from $2.15 to $2.20.