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2014 Bike Safety Class Winners announced

Following are the winners from the 6th Annual Bike Safety Class, which was held June 2nd.

The 2nd grade bike and helmet winners were Cora Leslie and Jackson Halbach.

The 3rd grade bike and helmet winners were Ethan Bibeau and Elisa Voeltz.

The 2nd grade Bike helmet winners were Ava Shambow, Natalie McCarthy, Ava Veen,  Chloe Wittmer, Valarie Melstrom, Nelson Polen, Ben Wittmer, Payton Rashbach, William Standaert, Zachary Hill, and Jared Hager.

The 3rd grade bike helmet winners were Amelia Draxler, McKenna Phalin, Nick Hierlme ier, Jacob McDaniel, Mitchell Heutmaker, Athena Vang, James Williams, Arianna Desmith, Clayton Anderson, Halle Bignell, and Devynn Olson.