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Catelynn Clark honored as Valedictorian for Boyceville High School’s Class of 2014

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE- The Valedictorian for the Class of 2014 at the Boyceville High School is Miss Catelynn Clark.

Catelynn is the daughter of Dave and Becky Clark. She is the eldest with three younger siblings, Kevin, Kenny and Christa.

Aside from her studies, Catelynn has been active in FFA throughout her four years of high school.

“I’ve held officer positions, was the President this past year and organized the community leaf raking project last fall. I also took cattle to the Dunn County Fair through FFA,” shared Clark.

One of her favorite high school memories was attending the World Dairy Expo in Madison this past October along with fellow FFA members.

“I loved walking around with my best fiend in the commercial building, talking to hundreds of people from literally all over the world,” shared Clark.

Other organizations she has been a part of include Student Council for three years, Science Olympiad for two years, the National Honor Society for two years and the High School Band for two years.

“During my sophomore year  I played the alto saxophone and I made it to state on a Class A solo. It was great to know that all of my hard work paid off,” said Clark.

Outside of school organizations, Catelynn is involved in the youth group at her church, she babysits and helps milk cows on her family’s dairy farm.

In school, Catelynn is a fan of Human Physiology and Anatomy as well as Sociology and Spanish.

“Phys and Anat have been one of the most beneficial, interesting and challenging courses I have taken at Boyceville,” shared Clark. “I love learning about the incredible design of the human body, especially the heart. It has given me a much greater appreciation for life and health.”

“Sociology has opened my mind to the different types of people in the world around me and how I relate to them,” said Clark.

And as for Spanish, “I really enjoy learning it. Learning a different language expands your mind and can always be worked on. I like that constant challenge and the fact that there is always something new to be learned,” shared Catelynn.

Each of these classes appears to play a specific role in Catelynn’s future plans as she plans to attend UW-River Falls for teaching English as a second language with a minor in Spanish.

“There are so many career opportunities available with that degree that I could go into, in pretty much any part of the world,” explained Clark. “At this point, I think it would be awesome to teach English overseas for a few years, then return to the United States and work with students, adults or families who struggle with English here.”

After graduation she also plans to get her CNA license and work as a CNA throughout the summer and then her college career.

With graduation nearing, Catelynn shared her most memorable high school moment has actually been through out the entire four years.

“As a freshman, I was very quiet and a shy girl who wore some kind of John Deere t-shirt five days a week with my hair in a ponytail, that was my signature look!,” said Clark.

Then as a sophomore she volunteered to be a part of the class homecoming skit where she had to put herself out there in the public eye and talk into a microphone. The shy girl she was seemed to disappear after that moment.

“I have changed so much since then that I’m almost a completely different person. In fact, I was awarded the senior award ‘Most Changed Since Freshman Year’,” expressed Clark.