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Lady Bulldogs go 8-8 in regular season; crush Warriors in first Regional game

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Boyceville softball team finished their regular season with a game in Glenwood City last Tuesday, May 20 and then they were at home on Wednesday to host the Elmwood/Plum City Wolves.

Thursday was their first Regional game, which they hosted against Clear Lake. The game ended in a five inning blowout with the Bulldogs winning 20-1.

Win in Glenwood City 

Two home run hits by Kennedy Hellmann helped push the Bulldogs through to victory in their 17-6 final over Glenwood City last Tuesday.

She was unstoppable at the bat with a double and an RBI in the first inning, the home run in the fourth, a two-run RBI hit in the fifth and then her grand slam in the sixth.

The Bulldogs started on top with the score at 3-0 after Brooklynn Blaser, Hellmann and Maddy Bygd scored.

Their defense held the Toppers to zero runs for the first three innings before they finally scored three in the fourth.

The Bulldogs put three more runners across home as well in the mean time for a 6-3 lead going into the fifth inning after Bygd, Kayla Nelson and Hellmann scored.

The Bulldogs finished with big hits in the final two innings with four runs in the fifth and seven in the sixth. The Toppers answered back with only three runs of their own in the third to end the game.

In the fifth, Jenna Beyrer, Nelson, Katie Kegan and Marki Lagerstrom hit home. In the sixth, it was Blaser, Beyrer, Hellmann, Bygd, Nelson, Lexi Peterson and Kegan.

As a team, the Bulldogs had 33 at bats, 17 runs on 12 hits and 14 RBIs with eight walks and five strikeouts.

Hellmann led the game with eight RBIs, Peyton Hellmann had two and Blaser, Beyrer, Lagerstrom and Bygd each had one.

0-2 against Wolves

Due to the down pour last Monday, the double-header against Elmwood/Plum City was postponed until Wednesday, May 21.

The Bulldogs were just not quite able to put the final runner across home base when needed and they ended up losing by one point in both games, 6-5 and 1-0.

The game started with the Wolves up 2-1. Brooklynn Blaser was the first score for the Bulldogs team after being walked to first. She was brought home on an RBI fly out by Madysn Riek.

The game was a wash in the second inning and then the Bulldogs tied things up in the third after Hellmann crossed home plate on another RBI by Riek.

The Bulldogs plugged away with one more run scored in the fourth, which was by Kendall Wold. Jenna Beyrer singled to center field for the RBI.

The Raiders lead the fourth inning however with three runs scored to start, which gave them a lead of 5-3.

Boyceville outscored them in the fifth inning by one run, but time ran out and due to there only being five innings allowed in the double-header, the Bulldogs lost by one.

Maddy Bygd and Riek were the final runs for the Bulldogs. They came close to tying the game with Lexi Peterson sitting on third base and then Erica Sempf on second, but a fly ball was caught for the third out.

In the second game, which the Wolves were the home team. The bats seemed to fizzle up for the Bulldogs as they only generated three hits in five innings and have zero runs.

Three batters reached second base and that was as far as it went before the third out was made.

The Wolves won the contest in the second inning when their one run scored.

Regional Victory at Home

The Warriors were the number seven seed and the Bulldogs were awarded the number two seed in the 2014 tournament season. The Bulldogs destroyed Clear Lake 20-1 while playing in Boyceville.

The Bulldogs won with only eight hits, but they were walked a total of 12 times by the Warriors’ pitcher, which put the majority of their runs across the plate.

Their pitcher threw 92 balls and 61 strikes with seven batters hit by a pitch and only one strikeout given.

As for Kennedy Hellmann, she was the winning pitcher after she threw just 14 balls and had 55 strikes with only one hit and one walk and seven strikeouts.

The Bulldogs scored eight runs in the first inning with each batter either being hit by a pitch or getting a walk. Marki Lagerstrom had the only hit in the first, which also scored two RBIs.

The second inning was a wash and then the Warriors scored one unanswered run in the third. The dagger was pushed through in the fourth inning when 12 final runs were scored by the Bulldogs.

Blaser, Nelson, Kendall Wold and Peterson scored twice and Beyrer, Hellmann, Riek and Lagerstrom scored once.

The Bulldogs together had 22 at bats with 20 runs scored on eight hits and there was a total of 17 RBIs with Lagerstrom leading with four.

Because of their win, the Bulldogs played the Elmwood/Plum City Wolves on Tuesday, May 27 in Boyceville.

The winner will go on to play the winner of the Glenwood City vs Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran on Thursday, May 29.